Aligning with a brand that stands the test of time

In business, a brand goes far beyond just a logo, jingle or colour scheme. It represents what consumers know and believe about a brand and the experiences they anticipate

Aligning with a brand that stands the test of time

Think about your favourite products and services – each of them will likely be tied to a brand that enjoys strong recognition. Essentially, a brand is a mutual commitment between a business and its customers. It signifies a pledge to consistently deliver high-quality products or services as promised wherever they are in the UK – and in the case of franchise brands, whichever franchise location delivers them.

Customers of franchises naturally anticipate a certain level of consistency, contributing to their popularity and success. As a prospective franchisee, your focus should be on identifying a franchise that has built a brand with a proven track record – capable of meeting stable service demand and providing adept support to franchisees. Here, Kevin Thackrah – director of the UK’s longest-running pet-care franchise – shares insights into the significance of aligning with a well-established brand and its positive impact on business.

Brand awareness is a key consideration for those exploring the world of franchising, as it is what franchisees inherit. Since our inception in 2001, Petpals has developed a proven business model that minimises start-up risks, attracts and retains customers, and establishes a strong foundation for profitability. Opting for an established brand like Petpals is an attractive proposition for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a promising, low-risk business venture. However, beyond the brand’s recognition and longevity, joining an established franchise offers several other essential benefits for franchisees.


Joining a recognised franchise brand means more than adopting a business concept – it means becoming part of a well-crafted image and reputation. Uniforms bearing the franchise logo, like those provided at Petpals, represent your dedication to upholding the highest standards of service. More than attire, they become a symbol of trust in the eyes of your clients – fostering customer confidence and helping you distinguish yourself from independent competitors.

Peace of mind

Entrepreneurship, even in a well-established franchise, carries inherent risks. However, being associated with a trusted brand comes with a significant advantage – access to comprehensive insurance coverage. At Petpals, we go the extra mile by tailoring insurance to the unique needs of the pet-care industry, guaranteeing that our franchisees are safeguarded against the specific challenges and risks in our field.


In pet care, pet owners entrust their furry friends to your care – and that trust should not be taken lightly. Here is where the strength of franchising shines. Established franchises like Petpals maintain strict integrity standards through DBS checks. As a franchisee, this enhances your credibility and assures clients that their pets are in safe hands. Petpals’ membership in the Pet Care Franchise Association and the British Franchise Association further highlights our commitment to professionalism, giving clients added confidence in our services.


As a business owner, your ability to nurture and secure customer trust sets you apart from competitors. However, trust is not an instant achievement. Studies suggest it typically takes approximately two years for customers to develop confidence in a brand, and establishing this trust demands consistent effort, dedication and, most notably, time.

Aligning with an established franchise streamlines this process, as the arduous work of building a trusted brand has already been done for you. This pre-existing trust kick-starts your journey as a franchisee and expedites your capacity to gain customer confidence, allowing you to reap the advantages of a trusted brand right from the outset.

When exploring franchise opportunities, do not underestimate the value of an established brand. It offers instant credibility, a proven model, loyal customers and crucial support for success. In franchising, success hinges not only on your product or service but also on the brand you represent. Make a wise investment, and you will be on the path to a rewarding and prosperous business venture.

Kevin Thackrah
Kevin Thackrah