Buying a fleet of vehicles for your Franchise?

Four design tops for visibility and branding

Buying a fleet of vehicles for your Franchise?

Many businesses need a fleet of vehicles to help them provide their services or products to their customer base. A fleet can also be an excellent marketing opportunity as they are often highly visible on the roads, ensuring that your brand is seen by countless potential customers. 

You should put as much care and thought into your fleet marketing as you would any other form of marketing. The design will need to be eye-catching and well-implemented, with quality painting and materials to show the calibre of your business. It may help to hire a professional designer to ensure that your business branding translates well to your vehicle fleet. 

Keep things simple but eye-catching

Marketing on a vehicle needs to capture attention and get a message across without too much focus required. Anything too bright or attention-grabbing could be distracting to drivers, so it is best to be cautious with the design. Keeping the design simple can be eye-catching without being distracting. It is best to stick to the essentials when putting information on a fleet vehicle, including contact details, your company logo and tagline. 

Invest in private number plates

Consistency is key when it comes to branding a business. An excellent way to be consistent in the branding of your company fleet is by buying private plates. You could look for options that include the company initials or spell the company name. You might even find sequential plates for the cars in your fleet, which can make assigning vehicles even easier. Look for quality and trustworthy private plate sellers like the experts over at Regtransfers. 

Clean the fleet regularly

Dirty vehicles can be off-putting and may put off possible customers from using your company. In some cases, it cannot be helped, but regular cleaning is invaluable to show the world that your company cares about the image it portrays. It is particularly beneficial to clean your fleet vehicles after long drives or in weather conditions that can result in dirt accumulating on the vehicles. Do some research to find a suitable local car wash, or consider investing in the supplies and equipment needed to do professional-level cleaning in your business premises. 

Provide high-level training to drivers

The last thing you want is for members of the public to see your branded vehicle being driven poorly. Bad driving can make your company vehicles stand out for all the wrong reasons, so you should ensure that you train your drivers to the highest possible level. This should include training on road etiquette and defensive driving to help keep them and other drivers as safe as possible. 

Final thoughts

Branding your company fleet can be an excellent opportunity to get your name out there. It is vital to provide the important information in a way that can be easily read by passengers in passing cars. You should be consistent with your overall branding when designing your vehicle décor. It is also best to ensure that the vehicles are cleaned regularly and that they are driven by experienced, quality drivers.

Zoe Price
Zoe Price