Five reasons to take the leap from the corporate jungle to franchising

In these tumultuous times there's more reason than ever to abandon the corporate grind to own a management franchise and take control of your life

Five reasons to take the leap from the corporate jungle to franchising

It’s a familiar story many of us have been through: we start our career full of energy, passion and high hopes, ready to take on the world. And we do, we strive and grind our way through role after role in a series of promotions and successes. The companies we work for invest in us, we train, develop and become rising stars. However, somewhere along the line the balance is lost. We sacrifice all our time for the corporate cause and no matter how much we try to claim it back, enjoyment gets traded for stress, work-life balance goes out of the window and we become embroiled in the corporate jungle.”

What’s more, we start receiving less than we give, stop learning and training. Instead, we find ourselves doing all the giving to the corporate beast. That includes getting promoted beyond our level of enjoyment and biting off more than we can chew. There are down cycles, recessions and reorganisations after reorganisations as each new CEO attempts to make their mark. New market entrants change the rules of the game, competitors render your product obsolete and the ever-changing digital age magnifies financial market pressure quarter after quarter. We don’t get any younger and the joy of a career passes with little to achieve but the monthly salary. We need to escape corporate life – but to where?

For many corporate executives, the answer could be to buy a management franchise. And there are five clear reasons as to why that could be the option for you.”

(1) Take back control

This isn’t just a factor limited to Brexit debates. Today’s corporate world and its many industries are hugely turbulent and extremely unstable. Whether it’s from globalisation, takeovers, new market entrants, changes of bosses or organisational restructures, none of us are in control of our destinies in the 21st century corporate world. In such a climate, making the leap to a management franchise to control your fate is particularly appetising.

(2) Become recession and Brexit-proof

In corporate life we’re often stuck in one industry or profession. And as we move on in our careers we become more senior with less doors to go through and less chairs to sit in when the music stops. However, taking a management franchise allows us to move industry and avoid markets hit with financial crashes and tumultuous periods like Brexit. Industries such as sports, entertainment and children’s sports are recession-proof, for example. After all, parents can’t resist spending money on their children and always need schools and nurseries.

(3) Work with something you’re passionate about

Quite simply, you may be fed up with job-hopping and want to do something more meaningful. For example, Sport4Kids, the children’s sport franchise, has found that many corporate executives are frustrated sports people who, if they could choose their career paths again, would have opted for something they have a passion for.”

(4) Get a great work-life balance

In corporate life, leisure and time with the family is increasingly squeezed. No matter how hard we fight, the treadmill of bills, school fees and a mortgage keeps us tied to the corporate machine. A common comment from corporates is “we are seen as the ship that passes in the night by our partners and recognised as the walking wallet by our offspring.” Moving to owning your own business instead brings huge flexibility. Many franchisees love the fact they haven’t missed an assembly or school presentation and always get to the games and sports day since leaving the rat race to become a business owner in their own right.

(5) Build a legacy

Quite often we’re able to build assets, a house, some savings and a pension over nine-to-five careers. But later on it’s great to start slowing down and build a legacy business to provide income while we sleep. With a management franchise, the business goes on even if you’re not there.

We are seeing an increasing demand for business opportunities that address the crisis in the world of the corporate executive, longing to escape the unforgiving nature of quarterly-driven financial pressures. As a result, there are many benefits of making the leap and joining a successful and growth orientated management franchise.”

This article comes courtesy of Sport4Kids, the children’s sport franchise.”
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