Five ways to deliver customer service that goes the extra mile

From knowing your product inside out to ensuring you're never late for a client meeting, these tips will keep your customers coming back, time and again

Five ways to deliver customer service that goes the extra mile

Putting more effort into delivering excellent service doesn’t just keep customers happy, it can also boost your sales and customer retention rates. These are some of the key ways you can make sure your customers are always satisfied.

Know what you’re selling

There’s nothing more frustrating than speaking to someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. A mechanic wants to know they’re speaking to someone who can tell the difference between a wrench and a ratchet, for example. Knowing your products and services inside out is the difference between mediocrity and excellence – customers easily recognise the difference between those who have just read the catalogue, and those who have used the product personally. Increasing your product knowledge may just give you the edge over your competitors.

Be dependable

Time is a precious commodity and being late doesn’t make a good impression. Clients want to know you will follow through on what you tell them. So if they have arranged to meet you at a certain time, make sure you’re early and prepared. If you say you have an exciting new product to show, make sure you take it along. Tardiness is equated with a lack of consideration for your customer and laziness on your part while forgetting to deliver on what you promised dissolves the trust customers have in you. Working with integrity sets you apart as someone who can be relied on.

Stay ahead of the game

Customers aren’t stupid. They can tell the difference between someone who is just trying to make a sale and someone who is genuinely interested in helping them achieve their dreams, goals and deadlines. Understanding their business needs involves really listening to them. Taking this a step further, recognising their future needs before they do, based on your experiences with other customers, will impress them even more.

Grow your own knowledge

The more you invest in your own learning and development, the more expertise you’ll have to share with your customers. Take advantage of the training and support offered by your franchisor. They’re there to support you – your success reflects their success, after all. It’s also worth networking with other franchisees, finding inspiration from their challenges and learning from someone who understands your industry. You’re not on your own.

Always deliver service with a smile

Whenever you interact with a customer, whether it’s on the phone, in person or online, you’re representing your franchise brand. People will form an impression of your brand, based on your interaction with them. So it’s important to remember that while this is your business, your actions can impact on other franchisees within your network. To make sure every interaction creates a good impression, be consistently friendly – no matter how busy you are.

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