Having the A-team on your side

As a franchisee, there can be nothing more valuable than a head-office team that has been in your shoes

Having the A-team on your side

Having the best team alongside you to offer advice and support should be something all new franchise owners look for from their franchisor. Whether their expertise lies in accounting, marketing, sales or IT, you want to feel confident you’re getting support from the best and that the company’s strategy is based on the decisions of the most experienced team members.

In certain circumstances, it is possible that some of the people in these positions are also currently, or have been, franchise owners themselves. Having someone on board who understands the day-to-day trials and tribulations of the franchise – as well as having a wider overview of how the company needs to be run – means that you will be dealing with an individual who both knows the business inside-out and has a strong bond with the brand too.

For example, two of our key etyres head-office staff have invested in their own territories. Our head of IT has enjoyed tremendous success running four branches with his business partner, while our operations and field sales manager was at the helm one of our busiest branches for many years.

A senior member of personnel with an extensive background in the business is powerful for three key reasons. Firstly, they are experienced in building successful branches. Secondly, by stepping into management roles, it demonstrates their commitment and loyalty to the company. And thirdly, their input into management decisions will always be evenly balanced with the views of the franchise owners.

While our finance director and sales and marketing manager both have a wealth of experience in their respective fields, team members who have hands-on experience of running their own branch command a special kind of respect from our franchise owners.”

From a franchise owner’s point of view, it is important to consider the calibre and track record of the head-office team before signing up to a franchise. After all, you are investing in the brand and the individuals behind it; the people who ensure it is well-managed and driven forward. Because of this, when you are given a tour of head office, it is a good idea to chat to the team. Whilst framed awards and a smart meeting room are good indicators that the business is ambitious and successful, you want to know that these people can support you when you need to overcome a sudden supplier problem or complete a VAT return.

Finally, for the franchisor, it is vital to have a professional team at your side and to prize those with first-hand experience. Along with the franchise owners, these are the people who will help to shape your company and have a big impact on the level of success you all achieve.”

Tony Bowman
Tony Bowman