Remembering why we are in the education industry following a difficult two years

The education industry was affected worse than most during the pandemic.

Remembering why we are in the education industry following a difficult two years

The education industry was affected worse than most during the pandemic. Educators across the industry were forced to endure significant additional pressures to their roles, primarily demanding children’s education remain as unharmed as possible. Whether in mainstream education, in personal tutoring or operating in another capacity, it is because of these pressures that many in the industry were put in a position that drew focus from why they are in this business in the first place. Here, Frank Milner, President of global in-home and online tutoring franchise, Tutor Doctor, reflects on the incredible work of their tutors during the pandemic. 

The lasting impact the pandemic has had on the education industry is one that will take time to settle, with so many high-quality educators operating in various capacities having become disheartened and demotivated. In fact, it is because of the pandemic that the industry is currently seeing a turnover rate of nearly one quarter, compared with an average national turnover rate of 16% pre-pandemic. So, after a turbulent two years for the education industry, where educators, education providers and most importantly students have had their experiences overshadowed by COVID, now seems the perfect time to reflect and remember the fundamental reason why we are in this business.

To improve the quality of education

It seems obvious, but it is a reason so easily overlooked in situations that force us to reconsider our priorities in the face of adversity. Brands such as ours, that provide high-quality, personalised education experiences to students, are constantly being reinvented, re-inspired and revitalised by the notion that what we do truly makes a difference. Our commitment to trailblazing innovation in the industry and remaining current is what has improved the lives of over 200,000 students we have successfully tutored around the world, with that number growing every day. But ‘improvement’ works both ways, because as our franchisees share and learn together as an international network, the quality of education and the influence we can have on the industry is drastically improved. 

To transform students’ lives

One significant advantage we have as a franchise is that we work in the business of providing children and students with a transformative educational experience. Tutor Doctor, and other brands in the education industry, have a direct impact on the wellbeing and, in many ways, the success of those who use our services. Taking on the responsibility of being an educator is one thing, but committing wholeheartedly to transforming the lives of future leaders and innovators is a legacy that can only be achieved by believing in the mission you are delivering. 

Denise Parkinson is one of many customers who has used our tutoring services to help transform her daughter’s education and achieve great results.  She said: “Tutor Doctor is a game changer. We went to Tutor Doctor Greenwich in desperation following our daughter receiving a U in A Level Maths. We had weeks to go before her mocks and the tutor we were matched with, Jordi, was brilliant. In a matter of weeks, Jordi got Martha to a C+ on her mocks. It was an incredible leap for her. We know that by A Levels, she will reach an A. This is the best investment I have made in our daughter’s education.”

To give back to communities

Of course, what would education services be without the communities in which they operate? Tutor Doctor franchisees, proudly, are forward thinkers. And many of those who represent our brand identified the need for high-quality, personalised education in their local communities before beginning their journey with us. John Sykes, our franchisee at Tutor Doctor Belfast-South and Northern Ireland, saw how Tutor Doctor and personal, one-to-one education could help students in his community in a time when quality education became limited.

“It is this mission that attracted me to Tutor Doctor, as I could see what the learning situation was in Northern Ireland. I could see from as far back as 2019, just before COVID became serious, that students were missing out on quality education. Some schools were brilliant with the online set-up, but it was evident that there was also going to be a huge gap. These kids have got two years of learning to catch up on – and that’s where Tutor Doctor’s expert intervention comes in to successfully change this trajectory.”

The pandemic certainly amplified the fact that education is not linear. Reflected by the delivery of our services, our franchise sets the standards for providing unique and personalised learning experiences for students in need around the world.

Frank Milner
Frank Milner