Setting the stage for children’s development: the role of franchises in the children’s sector

In today’s world, where digital devices vie for children’s attention, parents are placing a premium on their children’s overall development

Setting the stage for children’s development

As screens become ubiquitous in daily life, discerning parents are increasingly seeking extracurricular activities that transcend mere entertainment and actively contribute to their child’s growth and self-discovery.

This evolving landscape presents a golden opportunity for prospective franchisees to tap into a market hungry for platforms prioritising essential life skills. With a laser focus on personal development, franchises in the children’s sector are uniquely positioned to meet this demand head-on – offering a transformative space where children can cultivate crucial communication skills, boost their confidence and thrive in the digital age.

Becky Goodfield, COO of Drama Kids, is well acquainted with the success that aspiring entrepreneurs can attain by investing in a franchise catering to the growing demand for creative extracurricular activities for children. Here, she discusses the opportunities and benefits that investing in a children’s franchise can bring to both franchisees and children.

A sector in demand

Even in the face of the current economic downturn, businesses providing extracurricular activities for children have maintained their stability. This is because parents, even when financially strained, continue to prioritise their child’s academic, social and emotional growth.

While every sector has had to grapple with the challenges spawned by the pandemic and its economic fallout, the children’s education sector has underscored the significance of additional educational avenues for children beyond the classroom. After national lockdowns hindered children’s learning and development, parents are still eager to seek further opportunities to equip their children for success and nurture their potential.

Parents are also increasingly concerned about the effects of screen time on their children’s health. In fact, well over half (63%) believe that time spent online negatively impacts their children’s wellbeing*. 

Given today’s digital age, it is no wonder parents are acknowledging the crucial role of such activities in fostering their children’s holistic development, providing enriching experiences beyond the confines of screen-based entertainment. As we increasingly rely on technology for communication through messages, emails, and social media, the importance of basic communication skills has never been more apparent.

Whether it is sports, music, or art, these pursuits offer invaluable experiences that contribute to individuals’ overall well-roundedness. Through active participation in extracurriculars, children acquire lessons in collaboration, problem-solving, and resilience – qualities vital in a society where screen time often surpasses real-world interactions.

Indeed, the soft skills cultivated in children through these activities are invaluable in every aspect of their lives. Whether they are impressing a panel of judges, a school board, or potential employers, candidates who exude confidence, articulation and engagement stand out and leave a lasting impression. These activities empower young people not only to have something to say but also to deliver it with captivating confidence and creativity. As children elevate their skills, they forge meaningful connections and embark on a transformative journey of personal growth. What more could a parent ask for?

A lucrative opportunity

For entrepreneurs looking to capitalise on the growing demand for personal development-focused extracurricular activities, franchising offers a unique opportunity. By aligning themselves with forward-thinking brands that prioritise children’s development, franchisees can tap into a market in need of platforms that go beyond the screen. Franchises in the children’s sector are uniquely positioned to meet this demand, providing children with a transformative space where they can learn, grow and discover their full potential.

Beyond the financial rewards, what resonates most with franchisees is the chance to truly impact children’s lives. Extracurricular franchises empower kids to enhance both their professional and personal skills, often delving into disciplines not covered in traditional classrooms. Witnessing the joy on students’ faces week after week as they build their confidence, make new friends or discover a new passion serves as the ultimate reward for both parents and franchisees.

As parents increasingly prioritise the cultivation of essential life skills, franchise opportunities in the children’s sector present an exciting prospect for entrepreneurs looking to make a difference while building a successful business. By tapping into this growing market, franchisees can play a vital role in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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Becky Goodfield
Becky Goodfield