The secret to getting simply the best New Year’s resolutions results

Sadly for many individuals, New Year's resolutions set with much enthusiasm and vigour last for less than a month. So how do we avoid falling into that trap?

The secret to getting simply the best New Year’s resolutions results

Well intended they may be but plenty of New Year’s resolutions will already be history even before Q1 finishes. A Bupa poll revealed 43% of people fail to keep up with their resolutions before the end of January, which jumps to 80% by the end of March. Meanwhile, Bristol University found that 88% of all resolutions fail.

The best resolution I ever made was to be the best version of myself. However, in doing this I had to face a few disappointing facts. I’m never going to look like a supermodel. I will also never, no matter how hard I train, have the fitness of an Olympic athlete. Living up to these realities and adding a touch of realism into my expectations has meant that, for the most part, I have stuck to my resolutions for 2018.

However, this takes some thinking. First, you need to consider what the best version of yourself looks like. I’m not talking just about physical attributes, although there may be some elements of physicality within your vision of the best version of yourself.

The problem with resolutions is that they often focus on improving our looks. The top two resolutions within the UK, according to a YouGov Poll, are to eat better and do more exercise. But 50% of people state they’re not confident they’ll stick to their resolutions. People tend to use their time, energy and money on improving their looks, however, being the best version of yourself should venture beyond achieving the perfect body and concentrate on improving your mind, character, career, relationships or education too.

Becoming the best version of yourself means being clear about your starting position and this differs from your New Year’s resolutions. You’re comparing yourself to yourself, monitoring your own performance against yourself. Get a clear vision of what the best version of you looks like.

One of the goals I set in being the best version of myself for 2018 was to compliment a stranger every day it was possible. Watching a smile spread across the face of someone I just met gave me a lovely warm feeling. People mostly say to me “You have made my day,” so it’s always a win-win for us both. So another great area to think about is how you could help to bring the best out of people, helping them to be the best version of themselves.

Being the best version of yourself is so much more achievable than pie in the sky resolutions. Small steps can take you towards being a better person. It doesn’t all have to happen in January, it’s an ongoing project. There may be setbacks but unlike resolutions you can pick yourself up and get back on task. Make 2019 the best year yet, creating the best version of yourself.”

Sussanne Chambers
Sussanne Chambers