The value of a strong brand in franchising

When it comes to running any business, creating a strong brand is key for consistency and building trust.

The value of a strong brand in franchising

When it comes to running any business, creating a strong brand is key for consistency and building trust. In franchising a strong brand is essential for the success of the franchise system, ensuring the brand remains consistent and aligned at all times across all franchise locations.

The good news is that a lot of the leg work is already done for you when joining a franchise brand. Unlike start-up SME businesses which require a lot of groundwork to be put in place to build a brand, franchising gives you the opportunity to join and benefit from an existing, often well-known name, presence and a solid reputation from which to grow your own business. 

However, it’s important to check before joining a franchise brand what they provide in order to help you grow your business. For example, what documentation exists for the brand, covering strategy, positioning, audience profiling, marketing plans? How is brand awareness measured? How is the brand protected by the national office i.e. what is in place to prevent dilution by local offices?

Also, is there already a robust marketing strategy in place helping you to stay on brand when it comes to promoting your business? Is the franchise itself proactive in raising awareness of the brand? This will give an indication of potential growth moving forward. It’s vital that potential franchisees consider the full marketing mix in place before making any decisions as areas such as advertising, local PR and partnerships are essential when it comes to building brand identity. There are so many franchise brands out there that are now synonymous with their branding that you would know who they are even with their name removed, further demonstrating the value of a strong brand in franchising.

A strong brand also helps a franchise business to differentiate itself from its competitors, with an instantly recognisable identity that creates consistency and builds trust amongst customers.

The consistency of a strong brand also enables franchisees to replicate a successful business model, one that has been tried and tested before them. With existing strategies in place reflecting the brand’s identity, potential franchisees can rest assured that they will feel supported in their business, not having to start from scratch.

In the world of franchising a strong brand also helps to strengthen the franchise network. Being part of the ethos of a company, maintaining brand values and working synergistically alongside their peers, franchisees have ongoing guidance and training to ensure they and the rest of the network follow standards and procedures that will ensure the quality of the service provided remains consistent.

Founded in 2002, Puddle Ducks have successfully created a strong presence which has enabled them to build a well-respected brand with a positive reputation, based on quality and trust.

The brand identity, messaging and values are used coherently across the network of 33 franchisees, who own over 50 territories across the UK and teach more than 25,000 children every week, enjoying regular business from loyal customers.

Here at Puddle Ducks, the franchising opportunity that we provide allows franchisees to share in the successes that come with being an established brand, such as industry recognised awards and campaigns across both TV and online platforms to further strengthen the brand. Franchisees also benefit from access to external agencies to support with areas such as PR and marketing, helping to contribute to the continual growth of their business.

Support and mentorship are always on hand from Puddle Ducks’ head office, along with management systems and training, to ensure the business runs smoothly and successfully.

As a strong brand, Puddle Ducks are not only able to attract and retain loyal customers, but they also attract a high calibre of franchise owner bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the network. In 2023, Puddle Ducks celebrated 15 franchise owner renewals of 5, 10 and 15 years with four reaching their 15-year renewal which highlights the trust in the brand and the incredible opportunities it provides.

If you’d like to find out how more about how you can make a splash with your own Puddle Ducks franchise, contact Claire Mills, Franchise Recruitment Manager, at or 01477 410083.

This article comes courtesy of Ruth Nelson, Strategic Brand & Marketing Manager at the multi-award-winning baby and child swimming school, Puddle Ducks

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