Thinking global, acting local

It's no secret how much we champion our global community at Tutor Doctor.

Thinking global

It’s no secret how much we champion our global community at Tutor Doctor. Unlike most standalone, community-based businesses, our franchisees have the benefit of witnessing industry developments that are taking place in real-time all over the world and applying the best of them on a local level. Thanks to the globalised market we operate in today, new franchisees joining the network and getting up to speed have the advantage of utilising years of streamlining, trial and error and evolution within the business to establish themselves successfully. Shared knowledge, especially in the education industry, is our best display of practicing what we preach, and seeing our 750 units collaborating across 16 countries validates our ongoing mission of changing the trajectory of students’ lives in communities all over the world. 

Not only does cross-network collaboration benefit a new franchisee when becoming established, it demonstrates the strength and competence of the franchisor in its role. It proves a franchisor has maintained consistently high-quality recruitment in all economies and markets around the world, and that the franchisees who are prepared to share knowledge equally share a passion for the values and ethos of a franchise. Franchisors that encourage the sharing of knowledge, in any franchise model, affirm the belief they have in their franchisees. They understand that nurturing and encouraging collaboration helps them leverage information about their customers, different economies and how their business is reacting to changes in the industry. This ongoing feedback from all aspects of the franchise model ultimately helps further developments take place, keeping the franchise relevant in a business-scape that refuses to stand still. 

Often, ‘a road well-travelled’ is one of the most attractive ideas for prospects in the franchise industry, as fundamentally, it means new franchisees won’t be going it alone. We’ve all heard the alarming statistics around the number of start-ups that fail in their first year of operations. So, why wouldn’t ambitious and driven entrepreneurs want to apply their skill set to a proven franchise model with support built into its foundations? 

Franchisors and franchisees have an equal responsibility to help guide and support new members of the franchise. “But why do they share responsibility?” I hear you ask. The answer is simple. Franchise brands – especially global ones – only become successful when those involved at every level of the business nurture collective success and make equal contributions to a reputation of an organisation. Joining the education industry in particular is one of the most exciting opportunities currently available to build a lucrative business while truly making a positive impact on people’s lives. And while it’s brilliant to see Tutor Doctor’s UK network thriving, it is down to the collective efforts and development of the whole brand that our franchisees have been able to apply their knowledge of business, the industry and our own mission on a local level.

Regardless of business size, longevity, and individual success, growth and profitability across the network is the best way to positively impact every franchisee on a local level. The definition of ‘localised’ is constantly expanding, with the internet, social media and word of mouth having a bigger impact than ever on the reputation of international businesses. And it is the lessons learned across the globe that ultimately drives the evolution of the whole international brand – yes, someone operating in the far reaches of northern of Canada truly can help franchisees operating in London! This is why franchisees that share knowledge around the world share responsibility to raise awareness, create demand and improve a universal reputation.

Joining the franchise industry – especially a brand that that has been built around the principle of sharing global knowledge – is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to make a difference to their immediate surroundings. It’s common knowledge that, once people excel in achieving their own wants and needs, they set their sights on helping others. Franchising is quite literally the business example of that. So why waste another second thinking and get busy doing?

Frank Milner
Frank Milner