Top tips for taking business on the road

Van franchises can offer a great combination of flexibility and low startup costs. But to really capitalise on the opportunity they offer, here's some advice worth heeding

Top tips for taking business on the road

Many people choose to invest in a business or franchise opportunity because they’re looking to build a better lifestyle and a better income to suit their needs. A van franchise is very different to other options in the sense that being out on the road is a definitive lifestyle. You have the freedom to travel your own route, visit customers, work your chosen hours and meet different people on a daily basis.”

A van franchise is also very different because, in contrast to traditional businesses, customers do not come to you, you go to them. For the right person, a van-based franchise can be much more profitable because you don’t have the added start-up costs of a high-street store; aside from your van, products, equipment and storage, there are no other set-up costs. For those looking for more flexibility and freedom, a van franchise could be the best option but if you want to make the most of the opportunity here are a few tips worth following.

Gaining customers”

When operating as a van-based business, it’s likely that you will have to visit your clients rather than them coming to you. This means that the way you market and introduce yourself to clients is going to be very different. As part of a franchise network, your franchisor should provide you with a client base to start but it is your job to build on this to help you become more profitable. Visit potential clients on a regular basis, even if you know they’re not ready to buy from you yet: building a client base is all about the relationships you form. In addition, having a branded van as you travel through your area on a daily basis will be hugely beneficial. People have to see your brand a number of times before they will begin to interact with you so perseverance is key.”

Build an efficient and profitable route”

Once you have a list of regular customers to visit, make sure your route is as efficient as possible. Are you visiting customers who are next door to each other? Cutting fuel costs by choosing the best route will help you to become more profitable and save you time in the long run. Are you visiting customers who are profitable? If you’re short on time or visiting locations that only provide you with small streams of income, think about finding new locations where people are looking to spend more with you. Doing the same route and expecting it to change will disappoint – making sure you keep reviewing and improving will drive your business forward.


Consider how your van looks to your customers: your van is your shop window so it’s important that it’s clean and well presented. Your van represents your brand at all times, no matter if it’s when you’re visiting customers, when it’s parked up or when you’re driving around your local area. Keeping your van clean will help you to build a good reputation and build trust. If your van’s not well cared for, nobody is going to want to buy from you. As it is your shop, think how your product is laid out to enhance your sales.

Stocking and restocking”

Make sure your van is well-stocked. You might miss sales if a customer wants a particular product but you don’t have it stocked on your van. Think about where stocking your van is going to come in during your daily routine. A well-stocked van will play a huge part in your success and means that customers can see everything you have on offer.

If you get it right, a van-based franchise will provide you with a scalable business that you can build to suit your own lifestyle, business and personal goals. Being out on the road offers great variety and the chance to put your skills to use whilst doing something for yourself.”

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