Tutoring franchises: for the many not the few

The pandemic has exposed various issues surrounding the education industry, leading to the sector being on the receiving end of a great deal of scrutiny.

Tutoring franchises: for the many not the few

The pandemic has exposed various issues surrounding the education industry, leading to the sector being on the receiving end of a great deal of scrutiny. It is because of this that entrepreneurs and prospective franchisees close the door on joining education franchises, as they believe their experience does not suffice or match the required criteria. This, however, is not necessarily true, as the global in-home and online tutoring company, Tutor Doctor, maintains its contemporary international network of valued contributors by ensuring the opportunity to become a part of it is open to all. Here, Tutor Doctor quashes some of the common myths and misconceptions about becoming a franchisee in the education sector. 

“I’ll always be answering to someone” 

This is often a commonly voiced misconception in the franchise industry as a whole. Of course, franchising implies that you will be operating within the framework of a wider brand and contributing to its overall success. But your own ideas and vision are equally important, especially in an industry where developments, good and bad, are so heavily influenced by geographical location. One of Tutor Doctor’s primary criteria in their recruitment process is that prospective franchisees are independent, entrepreneurial and have an autonomous character which will lead to their individual success. It’s important to remember that despite being a part of a franchise, you know your community better than anyone and are therefore the expert voice when it comes to the operations of your own business.

“I’m too busy. I want a better work-life balance!”

If work-life balance is something you desire, then joining an education franchise like Tutor Doctor helps you achieve this. The desire to set your own personal targets and learn new skills is something that is imperative in this industry. Should one of those targets be a better balance, the only thing stopping you is yourself! Being a driven, self-motivator is one of the most important characteristics Tutor Doctor looks for in new franchisees. If that self-motivation comes from wanting a better work-life balance, then Tutor Doctor does everything it can for you to achieve this while continuing to deliver the brand’s unmatched services at the highest standards.

“I need to have experience starting my own business”

Through their thorough and rigorous training programme, everyone starts their journey with Tutor Doctor on the same page. Whether you have owned a multi-million-pound company or have just moved on from a part-time job, everyone can bring something new to the table as an education brand’s franchisee. Tutor Doctor’s proven structure from initial training to the ongoing support provided equips all new franchisees with the necessary resources to successfully deliver high quality and personalised tuition for those in need of such services. 

“I have to have experience working as an educator or tutor”

At the top of this list is the myth that you must have experience as an educator or tutor in order to successfully deliver an education franchise’s services. This couldn’t be further from the truth. So long as you share the mission of the brand and you possess the key characteristics that will spell success in your enterprise, you can come from any background. The Tutor Doctor network is proudly made up of a diversity of career experience. From multi-national financial investors to close-to-home parents who identified the need for high-quality private tutoring in their respective communities, having an eclectic mix of franchisees in today’s modern business scape is in fact an important element of success for any brand. 

“I’m too old to invest in a franchise”

No matter your age or background, education franchising opens doors to exciting opportunities to contribute to something truly bigger than yourself. So long as you possess the key characteristics and understand the intricacies of the responsibility that you will be undertaking, you are never too old to take back control of your life by joining an education franchise such as Tutor Doctor.  

Frank Milner
Frank Milner