Using your franchise as a platform to make a difference

Franchisees in 2022 occupy a position that's rife with opportunity.

Using your franchise as a platform to make a difference

Franchisees in 2022 occupy a position that’s rife with opportunity. There are obvious benefits to running a business alongside a network of passionate and experienced professionals and providing your community with a valuable product or service. But it is not just the ability to leverage this structure that attracts entrepreneurs and other business-savvy individuals to franchising. Frank Milner, the president of in-home and online tutoring franchise, Tutor Doctor, discusses how franchisees can use their businesses to fulfil more abstract, but equally important, drivers such as social, environmental, charity, and community outreach.

Education franchises have never had a more important role to play in their local communities. Students, whose education has suffered during the pandemic, are now seeking responsible and inspiring educators to help prepare them for their futures. For obvious reasons, education is still a booming market with impressive scope for growth. But as a brand that is driven by franchisees who are motivated by more than profits, Tutor Doctor’s core values are continually affirmed by those prepared go further, and do more, for the benefit of all.

Going further and doing more can mean very different things to different business owners which is perhaps where the appeal begins to amplify. By their very nature, franchisees are entrenched in their communities and have a clear understanding of local issues. This ability to make a tangible impact on those around you – from customers and staff to the wider population and micro-economy within your territory, is what many franchisees now cite as a prime objective. 

As a prime example, Amrit Rahi runs her Tutor Doctor franchise in Greenwich. Forever conscious of the community around her, Amrit has ensured her business remains actively involved in charity organisations. She’s also structured her team to allow her to continue outreach work with vulnerable adults, refugees, and asylum seekers. Recognising the challenges faced by most throughout the pandemic, this year Amrit has continued Tutor Doctor Greenwich’s tradition of giving back, by donating a portion of its proceeds to Mind, a mental health charity. 

Amrit explained, “I love seeing children and young people thrive in every way – whether it be academically or personally. Through Tutor Doctor, I have been able to dedicate time towards an education consultancy role for Lambeth Council, which supports young people in care. I’ve devoted a lot of passion and energy to working with this cohort of young people, who began with few chances and have ultimately risen up to reach their full potential. My business has even enabled me to help asylum seekers and refugees get into employment and help other vulnerable young people find apprenticeships and traineeships.”

Despite sounding cliché, it remains true that Tutor Doctor franchisees really do come from all walks of life. Our network is made up of those who often see the bigger picture and are driven to give back through a devoted and progressive brand. And what is more, it is these opportunities that give veterans of the franchise industry a long-sought-after new lease of life. After almost three decades working for multinational company, McDonald’s, Adie Twining, of Tutor Doctor Southampton, craved a way to improve the life chances of young people that enabled him to retain his involvement and active fundraising with local charities. Nine months after launching his business, Adie is now working with many families across the region and achieving a better work-life balance with the sense of pride and satisfaction that he’d always dreamed of. 

There are many reasons to go into franchising, especially in the education industry. While carving your own career path, you enrich and inspire the students and children in your community. Corporate Social Responsibility is of high importance to most business owners and a key part of owning a successful franchise.  As a local business owner providing those in need with a service that will positively impact their futures, you will be well placed to continue giving back and making a lasting impression on those around you.

Frank Milner
Frank Milner