Why confidence is king for those entering franchising

Having belief in oneself is key for anyone buying into a franchise. Fortunately, there is plenty prospective franchisees can do to pluck up their courage

Why confidence is king for those entering franchising

Confidence is a weird thing. I am a huge believer that it can take you a long way in life. Fundamentally confidence is a state of mind and can totally affect the outcome of a situation. My favourite quote on the subject is from Henry Ford, the industrialist who brought us the mass-produced modern car, who said: “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

This is so true in life: just believing in yourself can make such a massive difference. I see this often in franchising. Sometimes through the process of recruiting franchisees we see an applicant who’s almost perfect. Everything looks great: they have the core competences we’re” looking for, a great skill set and finance is not going to be an issue. Most importantly we as franchisors believe they will do well.

But suddenly the candidate’s confidence in themselves and their abilities disappears. The person who we initially interviewed is now a distant memory. Suddenly we are faced with an indecisive person who doesn’t believe that they can be a success. This person is not having normal ‘should I be doing this?’ nerves but they are having a paralysing crisis of confidence. The person has stopped believing in themselves and as a result they will not start a franchise with HomeXperts or any other franchise.

In franchising, you need to have confidence in bucket loads. For instance, you must have faith that the franchise you have chosen is going to deliver training and support that appropriately match your skills. However, the most vital factor in your success in your new franchise is confidence in yourself.

I get it: everyone feels nervous at times. But during these periods of our lives, how can we move forward with confidence? Well it can be learned, practised and mastered like other skills. Here are some simple tips to become more confident.

Surround yourself with positive people: spending time with people that look for opportunities rather than negatives is contagious. Always look for the positives rather than focusing on possible problems.

Project a positive body image: smile, make eye contact and hold yourself up straight. People are always more comfortable around confident people so fake it until you make it.

Most importantly, never give up and do not accept failure. When something is not working out the way you wanted, look for alternative solutions and work arounds. Focus on the positives and banish negative thoughts.

If none of the above work then make a list of all the positives about you, ask friends and colleagues to help you to compile the list. Read the list when you are not feeling so confident.

Most importantly, believe in yourself and go for it. I am a big believer in never regretting decisions we make as we learn and grow personally from them. The only regrets we should have are decisions we did not make.

Sussanne Chambers
Sussanne Chambers