All Action Approach

Former musician and business owner Gary Keating, became so inspired by the ActionCOACH vision he came out of a comfortable retirement to start up a franchise in Bristol and hasn't looked back sinceu2026

All Action Approach

After succeeding and failing (and finally succeeding again) at a number of business opportunities, and inspired by watching videos of ActionCOACH CEO and founder Brad Sugars, a happily retired Gary Keating launched an ActionCOACH business in February 2016.

“ActionCOACH set my fire alight,” he says. “I had new inspiration. Once again, I realised how becoming an Action Coach could make a difference to Bristol, give me a purpose and create a legacy.”

You have to be all in to succeed says Keating, who has built his ActionCOACH operation while retaining his property business.

“I set a goal to reach £10,000 in client income by month six and £20,000 by year one,” he explains. “I harnessed my business connections and got my first three clients through referrals and identifying businesses I knew that could be hugely improved by the ActionCOACH system.

“I followed the system myself and in my first year had two members of staff, an employee coach and began recruitment for another employee coach for ActionCOACH one-to-one coaching.”

Bringing in more coaches and expanding his operation is what he wants next. “I’m transferring my skillset to our coaches, impacting more and more people in the region. Moving away from me being the ActionCOACH Bristol brand creates more stability in the business. We currently have three amazing coaches – Geraint, Jane and Corrine – and we’re looking into recruiting a fourth.

“Since our launch in 2016, we have seen our clients franchise their businesses, win awards for their work and massively increase their profits. Incredibly, over 1,200 jobs have been created in the Bristol area through the growth and profitability that we have helped generate in our clients companies. 

Ronnie Dungan
Ronnie Dungan