Laser-guided business growth

Laser Clinics' franchise opportunity offers a lucrative route in to the burgeoning high street beauty treatment sector. Managing director, Jonathan Gardner explains how it worksu2026

Laser-guided business growth

In an ever increasing cosmetic aesthetic marketplace has meant that a whole range of ‘aesthetic’ treatments are now readily available on the high street and have become both a useful additional revenue stream for some businesses and a burgeoning specialist sector of its own. 

Part of this array of readily available products are laser treatments, which offer solutions for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and a whole range of other cosmetic procedures.

Creating a business based on that sort of technology is expensive at the initial outlay. Laser technology doesn’t come cheap. Ask any supervillain.

So, Laser Clinics has created an international franchise business with more than 210 clinics in five countries and over the last 12 months has opened a new UK clinic every fortnight, recently cutting the ribbon on number 48 in Peterborough.

Managing director, Jonathan Gardner, explains: “We offer a range of cosmetic aesthetic treatments. We are famous for Laser Hair Removal and also are the market leader in skin treatments such as HydraFacial, Rejuvapen and LED light treatments. We also have over 60 registered doctors, dentists and nurses who provide our injectable treatments to the highest standards of compliance in the sector. Every treatment has been through a thorough medical examination by our independent medical board and our teams are highly trained, so our customers are in safe hands and can trust the services we offer.”

Laser treatment franchise

It might not be brain surgery but it is still a complex procedure with high stakes for getting it wrong. So, who then would take on such a business opportunity ahead of something lower risk, like an ice cream parlour or a cleaning company?
“We are looking for people who have a passion for beauty and want to be actively hands on in their franchise. This is not just an investment opportunity. We want people who are willing to work hard to build a successful business with us. Our franchises generate a high cash return and offer a great return on investment for those who show the highest levels of care to our customers and colleagues.

“You really need the following:

  • Passion for beauty
  • Hungry to be successful & willing to work hard
  • A desire to follow our customer journey and delight our customers
  • Able to lead a team and create a highly collaborative environment
  • A willingness to work as one with LCUK, both with the Support Office team and the Franchise network
  • Commercially savvy with a willingness to learn.”

Training for laser treatment

Conscious that the nature of the treatments and the consequences of getting it wrong may well deter some people, the firm hold introductory days where it outlines the process to potential franchisees.

“During our Discovery Days we explain how we recruit the best people who will deliver our treatments. As the Franchisee you don’t have to treat as you are there to lead the team, manage the customer journey and role model high levels of service to our customers – along with all the other things a business owner does!”

That said, a high level of competence is still required to avoid any laser-related mishaps. So, there is an onboarding process that ensures the team is fully-trained before the clinic can go live. Also, crucial advice on how to run the business.

“We have a robust procedure that covers six key steps,” says Gardner. “We ensure the franchisee is fully equipped, supporting them with their financial and business planning. They are signed off by me and invited to join the brand. Every successful franchisee joins a four-day induction at our Support Office, as well as time spent with other franchisees and our field team. One week before opening the owner and clinic team take possession of their clinic and the hands on training begins on our systems, equipment and protocols. On day one of opening you’ll be joined by our Exec team to celebrate your opening and they’ll even help you fill your diary with new customers.”


Joining the Laser Clinic family is not cheap, however, with an investment of around £210,000 needed and another £30,000 for a share of the business.

The franchisee needs to invest around £210,000 which we match pound for pound to build the clinic and then £30,000 for their share in the clinic. We have a great relationship with HSBC who will look to loan the franchisee up to 50% of their investment requirement.”

With 48 clinics already up and running in the UK and more than 200 elsewhere, clearly that daunting initial outlay is not putting everyone off and the firm hopes to double its business in the UK in the medium term.

“Our plan,” explains Gardner, “is to have a network of over 100 clinics across the United Kingdom within the next three to five years. We would ideally like to see our franchisees taking on further clinics so they are able to grow with us as well as giving opportunity to those with real entrepreneurial spirit to join the Laser Clinics family.”

Those that haven’t already given up on the condition of their skin or their rapidly-fading looks generally, will know that there is always a new treatment on the way. Those of us in the know are talking about ‘I woke up like this’ treatments for instance which include buccal fat removal, lip blushing and of course, yer platelet rich plasma injections.

In the world of laser treatments, Laser Clinics has to be at the cutting edge (if that’s not too problematical a phrase for this sector) to stay competitive.

“We pride ourselves on service innovation using worldwide customer insights to identify the latest beauty trends and aim to roll out at least one new service each year to our clinics. Once identified we trial these services in multiple markets before offering these to our franchisees as a tested commercial proposition with agreed supplier terms and medical protocols.

“This year we have already added HydraFacial, Profhilo and Teoxane to our treatment portfolio and in the last six months have become the market leading beauty aesthetics brand in the UK.”

Like many franchise opportunities, Laser Clinics requires a good level of investment both financially and in achieving the standards required of a successful business.

But with interest in high street cosmetic treatments showing no signs of abating, the future for the sector is looking good.

Ronnie Dungan
Ronnie Dungan