More Than Loft Ladders on building a five-star reputation

Storage franchise More Than Loft Ladders is on track to becoming a household name

More Than Loft Ladders on building a five-star reputation

More Than Loft Ladders, a storage franchise, is on their way to great success with a growing number of franchises across the UK. The business first opened in Bolton in 2017, installing loft ladders, hatches and boarding attics in homes across Lancashire. The idea was to create a concept that was like nothing on the market. The business was designed to create safe, easy-to-use and accessible storage spaces in residential homes across the country. This, combined with elite customer service, has put the franchise on the map. Franchisor Liam Hobbs started off as a franchisee and bought a More Than Loft Ladders franchise in 2013. Liam first began his career in motor trade where he developed his skills repairing vehicles and fixing cars. After eight years in the field, Liam decided to become a delivery driver at TNT, now FedEx. He enjoyed the day-to-day aspects of delivering goods and working in lower-tier management. As Liam rose up the ranks, he began to take on more senior positions and manage bigger teams. However, he didn’t enjoy the corporate aspects of management and the politics of an office environment. 

So, he decided to quit his job and work as a security guard at his local Tesco. Liam had always wanted to become his own boss, so he went back to becoming a delivery driver for Warburtons and began to form his plan. In 2013, Liam stumbled upon More Than Loft Ladders and decided to own a franchise. More Than Loft Ladders specialises in turning unused space into cost-effective storage, and the idea appealed to Liam. “I knew I needed to be my own boss, so I started looking at franchises, it wasn’t long before I found More Than Loft Ladders,” Liam said. “I loved the concept and was excited to be their 2nd franchisee and be a part of a growing organisation when I joined in 2013.”

Just like with most businesses, Liam had to put in the grind to grow the franchise. But with sheer dedication and hardwork, Liam was able to build a reputation across the UK, expanding the franchise network to Derby and Sheffield. “The network didn’t grow as quickly as I had hoped and there was very little in the way of development from the franchisor. Despite this I grew my franchise from a man in a van operation to a managed business with 5 vans, it was then I began to wonder ‘what if’ the brand had someone who wanted to grow it.”

<p>Liam begin talks with the franchisor in hopes to buy the business out. In 2022, Liam went from owning a franchise to becoming a franchisor of More Than Loft Ladders. Despite his streak of success, Liam faced several obstacles during the pandemic. “Finance was an issue, especially coming out of Covid. The recovery and growth loans were coming to an end in May 2022 and although I knew I wouldn’t acquire the business until much later in the year I need to secure the finance at a much lower rate. I took the loan in May and the repayments began, this put strain on my existing franchise business, but in the long run would pay off.”</p>
<p>After taking out a loan for the franchise, Liam set about to develop the systems in place to ensure smooth operations. Setting out a long-term strategic plan was an important next step so as to ensure the franchise continues to grow and succeed in the oncoming years. “We are still very much in the investment stage, so much needed doing to the business as very little had been done in the previous 9 years, we set about installing a new CRM and customer facing website as well as a franchisee recruitment website,” Liam said. “A new telephone answering service was appointed as well as a franchise recruitment partner. We have held our first 2 Franchise Development days attended by our franchisees covering many valuable topics to help the franchisees grow their businesses. Although we haven’t seen financial benefit yet the franchise is in a much better position to move forward, and we are now concentrating on marketing to increase lead volumes.”</p>
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