Teaching what counts

Helen Doron Educational Group (HDEG) has landed in the UK after 40 years of setting global standards for supplementary education experiences

Teaching what counts

A linguist and educator, Helen Doron has spent her life trailblazing and perfecting the world’s most innovative teaching method for children and teens from three months to 19 years old. Inspired by the world around her, Helen Doron’s method is built on the two core elements that contribute to successful learning in cultures in every corner of the globe: Repeated Background Home Hearing and Positive Reinforcement. Seldom seen in mainstream education systems, these out-front teaching methods not only help children pass their exams, but also give them real-world skills such as problem-solving techniques for long-term retention. 

From originally using little more than self-produced songs on cassette tapes in the 1980s to today playing hundreds of professionally produced songs across a global network of learning centres and full curriculum schools, the Helen Doron method instils consistency and memorability for guaranteed successful learning. Now, with 1,200 franchised units worldwide, over three million children and teens educated and a 40-year track record, HDEG’s UK franchise opportunities speak for themselves. Whether it’s educating children about the mathematical nature of our everyday world or teaching them to speak its second most spoken language as a second mother tongue, HDEG comes with the dynamism and know-how to make franchisees energised and empowered.

The team continues to be led by Helen herself, the global leader in innovative supplementary education franchising. Also overseeing several other programmes globally including Helen Doron English, Helen Doron International and Helen Doron Academy Schools, the far-reaching brand very much epitomises the collaborative, entrepreneurial nature and subsequent rewards found within the global franchise industry today. All with access to a catalogue of thousands of pieces of material for marketing, recruitment, teaching and more, franchisees proudly become a part of a multi-global-award-winning opportunity for a licensing fee as reasonable as £25,000. Now, with two separate programmes currently available in the UK – MathRiders and Helen Doron Spanish – prospects have never had a better chance to harness the unlimited potential of owning a franchise that truly inspires the next generation. 

“Our culture is our beating heart – it’s what helped us launch our franchise opportunity 40 years ago and it continues to be what attracts genuinely passionate entrepreneurs to our global community,” explains Helen. “Our mission is to provide educational excellence, enjoyment and creativity through unique and effective methodologies and materials to benefit children everywhere. And it’s this that has driven our commitment to ensuring what we teach is grounded by issues that impact children in all walks of life today. From relieving distress in a crisis to fostering understanding on a local level or promoting animal welfare, we are proud to take a proactive role in children’s lives and development. 

“Frankly, HDEG programmes have unique advantages in a saturated industry. More than ever, it’s vital children have access to inspiring and truly enriching education in the context of the modern world, and we implore entrepreneurs to take advantage of our opportunities.”

A lesson in innovation

With a slogan that reads, “Not just a business, it’s a way of life”, HDEG is devoted to building a global community of leaders passionate about child and teen education and making a positive impact on their communities. 

Around the world, HDEG boasts a majority-female franchise network, with a management team also comprised of 75% women. It’s this passion for promoting inclusion and equal opportunities for all in the brand that has made the Helen Doron Franchise Group community a collaborative and supportive space which addresses various attainment issues in the education sector seen today. Through proving the success of the franchise model around the world for four decades, Helen Doron franchisees with a capacity of 300 students have a turnover of more than £100,000, while master franchisees with 700 students across five locations, can have a turnover of more than £600,000. 

“Reforming the curriculum to raise attainment and promote child development is an issue that must be addressed globally. Thanks to our ever-evolving material designed exclusively for our programmes, we help children become inspired and achieve academic success in a way that suits them in the context of the modern world. We’re here to invigorate and embellish children’s growth, education and overall development – no other brand in our industry places so much importance on that,” continues Helen.

“The financial success of our franchisees is a by-product of collectively believing in a mission and delivering a curriculum through a proven, unique style. Regardless of the programme our franchisees own, that mission remains unchanged and our methodology remains as applicable and diverse as ever.”

Success as easy as “uno, dos, tres”!

Providing franchisees with a high level of support from Head Office, including a dedicated country manager to cater to all their franchising needs, franchisees also benefit from a fully accessible support team designed to guide and develop teams. Covered through a range of professional development opportunities including business training, annual conferences, marketing support, an information management system and teacher training seminars, franchisees have everything they need to become a success from day one. 

Joining HDEG gives entrepreneurs unlimited access to a vast range of industry experts and years of direct experience that is equally applicable to their own franchise operation. With some franchisees around the world having been a part of the network for 25 years, and with the majority with over 10 years’ experience, HDEG has successfully built a proud, loyal and committed global community.

“It’s no surprise that the key to our longevity has come from our franchisees. After all, our franchisees’ success is our success! We are committed to providing every possible resource and support to ensure our prosperity. Together, we work towards the mutual goal of building a thriving and profitable business while, most importantly, making a genuinely positive impact on our franchisees’ local communities. The old phrase “Think global, act local” applies perfectly to what and who we are as a brand. We know that by our franchisees educating children in inspiring, positive and fun environments, we are creating a better future!” adds Helen. 

Over the next five years, HDEG aims to double the franchise network of healthy, financially sound, spiritually fulfilling businesses that enrich and educate children worldwide. 

“Our mother-tongue-method language programmes, available across the UK, Europe, Southeast Asia and the US, have established our award-winning franchise brand as the unmissable opportunity of 2023 and beyond. Business ownership is something to be immensely proud of, and it makes us equally proud to know that being a Helen Doron franchisee is your ticket to success.” 

Aiming to establish a firm footprint in the UK, Helen Doron Educational Group is looking for entrepreneurs to bring the future of education to their communities today.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales