Raison Home UK 

For anyone who loves interiors and working with people on creative projects, the Raison Home franchise is a dream come true.

Minimum Investment

£ 8000

Annual Fees

£ 4% royalty, and 4% for Marketing

Full Investment

£ 30000

Additional Funding Support

Can be funded through the British business bank

Franchise Industry

Home Furnishers

Estimated Annual Profits


For anyone who loves interiors and working with people on creative projects, the Raison Home franchise is a dream come true.

Whether you’re currently working in the kitchen, bedroom & bathroom sector, or a just feel you’re not in a role that satisfies your creative side, Raison Home can give you the business you’ve always dreamed of. As a franchisee, you get to be the designer, salesperson and project manager all at once. 

Raison Home has been around for more than 30 years and has over 100 franchisees in France, Belgium and the UK.

Most other models require a huge upfront investment to open a showroom and fill it with expensive stock and staff. At Raison Home, our franchisees get to work from home, and design beautiful interiors right there in their clients’ homes, in the very room they wish to transform. It might sound like the way only celebrities and the uber wealthy get to tailor-make their homes, but this is the way we’ve been doing it for people from every walk of life (and budget) for decades!

The Opportunity:

+ Creative Freedom: Engage directly in designing kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms in clients’ actual spaces. Imagine the possibilities as you bring each room to life, guided by the client’s needs, your creativity and our vast range of products

+Empowerment: Benefit from comprehensive training, a proven business model, and continuous support. Whether you’re seasoned in design or seeking a creative outlet, Raison Home is your platform to thrive

+Profitability: Enjoy the fruits of your labour with up to 30% gross profit margins. With an impressive referral rate and established brand presence, your journey with Raison Home is not just about creating beautiful spaces, but also about building a profitable business for your future

Who It’s For:

+Aspiring Entrepreneurs: If you are driven, have a flair for design, and dream of running your own business, Raison Home can bring you the success and work life balance you long for

+Career Changers: Tired of the mundane? Step into a world where your creativity is your capital

+Community Connectors: Excel in networking and wish to make a local impact? Our model thrives on referrals and community engagement, making it perfect for those with strong local ties

Why Raison Home?

+No hefty showroom rents

+Work-from-home flexibility

+Highly negotiated product margins from 37 distinguished brands

+A thriving network of like-minded franchisees and a proven business model

You don’t need sector experience to either run your own business or design a stunning kitchen. Our training (and incredible software) means you can give your clients the room of their dreams and a buying experience they will be telling everyone they know about! 

You will need to be comfortable networking and building relationships with introducers and local tradespeople. We’ll show you how to use social media and other marketing tools to attract new clients, but it will be your first-class customer service and project delivery that brings in those referrals! In fact, almost 70% of our franchisees business comes through customer referrals.

The average conversion rate of leads becoming quotes is about 49% for our franchisees, and their average conversion rate between quotes and sales, is around 40%.

Our Edinburgh franchisee, who started her training with us at the very end of 2021, made over £220,000 of sales in 2022. When you consider our franchisees generally enjoy a 30% profit margin – that’s a pretty impressive first year in business! Worth noting too that she came from a banking career and had never had her own business before or worked in KBB or interiors. By the end of 2023 Sarah was considerably up on the previous year.

“The first year has been a roller-coaster – with many more highs than lows! Being self-employed has taken some adjustment after such a long career in a corporate setting. However, I love the flexibility and freedom that owning my own business has brought me. While there’s the occasional stressful day, it genuinely doesn’t feel like work most of the time!” Sarah Maguire, Raison Home, Edinburgh


I was made redundant during the pandemic, but I was already looking at changing careers. Sometimes timing meets opportunity.

It is a unique offering, something that is completely different to most of the KBB businesses, without the need for a showroom it gives me more freedom and time to spend with my customers.

I wanted to change careers without the need to fully re-train (going back to college/ uni), with Raisons initial 6 week training course and the dedicated support team I was able to be up and running very quickly.

Ash Craig, Cambridge Franchisee

If you want to set up a kitchen design business, you would go to a manufacturer and the first question they will have is “how big is your showroom”. As an independent business it’s hard to get terms and support you need. Being part of RH means I benefit from being part of Europe’s largest network of in-home designers. That brings support where I need it along with the independence I wanted.

It also gives me the freedom to find the right solution for each client. While I have relationships with several major manufacturers, if I need to find a different solution for a particular client I’m free to do that. I’m not tied to selling just one product.

Tess Stobie, Bournemouth Franchisee

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