The number one way to sell franchises

I’m at odds with the title of my own article as it’s my view that franchises are ‘awarded’ rather than sold, but I wanted to make the title as SEO friendly as possible

The number one way to sell franchises

In this article I’d love to share my view that the number one way to grow your franchise network is to find reasons beyond financial gain, for franchisees to come on board.

Investing in a franchising should be a sure fire way to make a fantastic living, but if you want to really scale your franchise brand the rest of the business proposition needs to stack up just as high as the finances.

Every person looking into starting a business wants to earn money, but they’ll also want a number of other things for their family and themselves. It’s almost like a shopping list of opportunities and options and I think that the more you can offer beyond making a healthy profit, the more chance you have of substantial growth for your franchise brand. 

In the modern world, in addition to profit, people may be looking for a business they are passionate about, a healthy work life balance, a flexible schedule, opportunities to travel or the ability to take their kids to school.

There’s a common misconception that the really financially valuable franchise opportunities come at a cost with regards to the above benefits, whereas the propositions that offer both great renumeration and some of the above benefits too are the dream ticket.

So as you write your franchise prospectus and pull together your marketing plans, don’t make it all about the numbers. There’s a lot more to life than just making money. Present your franchise opportunity as a chance to do just that and a whole host of other brilliant benefits. 

In doing so, I’m sure you’ll see great results over time and build a network of really happy and fulfilled franchisees. In many ways, as long as your business model is robust, if you then focus on making people happy, you can’t go far wrong!

James Cutting
James Cutting