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Invest in home care?

Written by Latifa Yedroudj on Thursday, 19 August 2021. Posted in Interviews

Mark Thompson, Director of Franchise Recruitment at Caremark spoke about why home care is one of the most profitable franchises to invest in today

Mark Thompson, Director of Franchise Recruitment at Caremark spoke about why home care is one of the most profitable franchises to invest in today 

Britain’s leading franchisors, coaches and mentors gathered together for The HSBC Elite Franchise Top 10 Virtual Roadshow, giving tips, advice and guidance on what it takes to build a successful franchise.   

Mark Thompson, Director of Franchise Recruitment at Caremark, led the fourth keynote speech, speaking about home care and why you should invest in the thriving industry. “We’ve enjoyed sustained growth through the political uncertainty of Brexit and the economic turbulence of Covid-19,” Mark explained. “In fact, on average, our franchise network grew their businesses by over 20% in 2020... We’ve grown to become one of the leading franchise providers of in-home care services in the UK. We’ve currently got an established network of 114 franchisees and 12 overseas offices, enjoying an increasing presence at home and abroad.” 

Caremark is the largest UK-owned and operated home care franchise, with an over 20% increase in growth across its network last year. Caremark believes quality homecare should be affordable and available to the public regardless of their demographic or geographical location – and it is an industry that truly makes a difference to people’s lives. “Our team have a passionate belief that quality care should be affordable and available for all ages, whether paid for privately or by a local authority,” Mark said. “Being able to run a successful business while making a real difference in your community is a positive, life-changing experience. And for many of our franchisees, it’s a major factor in them joining our network and for their continued success.” 

The UK’s rising ageing population means home care is in high demand, bringing increased growth to the sector and potential to profit from the thriving industry. “The UK home market is booming,” Mark said. “As we all live longer, the demand for social care in the UK increases each year. 92% of the over 65s will prefer care to be provided at home, if possible when they need care. Adding to that is the demand for more complex and highly professional levels of care delivery, altogether making it both a rewarding and lucrative sector to thrive in.” 

Caremark provides a wide range of services for its clients to suit their needs, including children services and social activities, meaning there are multiple revenue streams open to franchisees and their businesses. “We provide a comprehensive and wide range of services that make an incredible difference to the people we care for and their families,” Mark said. “Simple domestic duties to live-in care, which enables people to stay at home rather than move into residential care. We provide services such as personal care, live-in care, respite care, companionship and social services, dementia and Alzheimer's’ care, children’s services, personal care, social activities and much more. Every service we provide has a valuable part to play in people’s independence and well-being. That, in turn, provides our franchisees with a great diversity of services to offer, meaning that there are multiple revenue streams open to our franchisees and their businesses.”

For more information from Mark and to receive a free initial pack to support you in your franchise journey please click here and select Mark/Caremark. 

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