Promoting talent on and off the stage

It is a common misconception that joining a franchise as an employee means being locked into one role indefinitely, lacking opportunities for advancement. However, as a franchisee, recognising your team’s potential and creating avenues for them to step up is crucial

Promoting talent on and off the stage

Stagnation due to high staff turnover is the last thing you want after committing to your franchise. Instead, actively identifying and nurturing talent within your team not only cultivates a skilled workforce but also ensures the longevity and success of your business and the franchise community. Who knows, those you have mentored could eventually be ready to take the reins when you are ready to move on, or they may even choose to follow in your footsteps and invest in a franchise in their own right. 

Here, Stagecoach Performing Arts CEO Andy Knights discusses the significance of franchisees acknowledging talent within their own network for career advancement and the advantages this recognition brings to team members, their business, and the franchise network as a whole.

Fostering a culture of opportunity within your business can significantly enhance loyalty, motivation and productivity among employees. By offering clear pathways for career advancement, employees become dedicated advocates for your business – driving their own success while contributing to the business’s growth. Internal promotions not only provide a cost-effective solution but also leverage the insider knowledge and institutional expertise of long-standing employees, ensuring continuity and stability within the business. 

Focusing on the growth of current employees speaks volumes about your business’s dedication to nurturing talent. It sets the stage for a culture that values continuous learning and improvement, making it an attractive destination for top-notch professionals and a haven for retaining exceptional staff. But a culture of development is not just about improving skills; it is about investing in your business’s future.

Talented employees who have been given opportunities to grow and thrive within your business often become the ones who can not only boost your business now but also take the reins and continue your legacy in the future when it is time to move on.

For over three decades, Stagecoach has been a beacon of talent development – not only for our students but also for our entire franchise network. From humble beginnings as teaching assistants and teachers to stepping into the role of franchisees, many have experienced the full circle of life within the Stagecoach family.

Yasmin Yazdi, our Principal at Stagecoach Reading Caversham and Reading West, devoted over two decades to teaching at Stagecoach schools before investing in her own. “I dedicated years of my life to Stagecoach but the thought of owning one never crossed my mind,” said Yasmin. “However, as I grew older and had my first child, I began to understand the significance of having a strong support system and the freedom to express your own creativity that being your own boss offers.

“The experiences I’ve gained since first teaching with Stagecoach in 1999 were the driving force behind my decision to invest. Watching the remarkable journeys of my students, observing their growth and seeing them flourish brings me immense joy. It’s not just the students’ success either. Seeing franchisees’ success over the years solidified my belief that buying Stagecoach Reading Caversham was the obvious next step in my professional career.”

Our commitment to growth extends beyond our franchise network to our head office, where we empower our support team to reach new heights. As your business evolves, so do the needs of your network – impacting the demands on your support team. Investing in their training ensures they are prepared to support franchisees when needed. Recently, Stagecoach introduced five new Franchise Business Consultant roles, with four filled internally, offering advancement opportunities for those who already embrace our brand ethos.

By championing a supportive environment for learning and growth in our network, businesses become the launch pad for entrepreneurial dreams to take flight. For us at Stagecoach, whether they began as students, teachers or staff members, the success stories of franchisees who have risen through the ranks are a powerful testament to the impact of education and mentorship in shaping individual career paths and propelling us ever forward to business success.

Andy Knights
Andy Knights