Results, results, results: when you can prove you’re the best

Proof of results is a vital component of a successful franchise brand. It helps to recruit and retain franchisees, attract and retain customers, reduce risk, improve performance and secure financial backing.


At ActionCOACH, we recognise the power of results for all our members. It is why it sits at the core of our commitment to CARE: Community, Accountability, Results and Education (you can read our articles about our approach to CARE for our members, our focus on community and the importance of accountability at these links). 

In this article, our Head of UK Performance James Vincent, looks at how the results of the business owners we coach is intrinsically linked to the success of our franchise partners and some of the areas you should investigate with any franchise brand when it comes to assessing their track record of results. 

Think about it like this… if you’re starting out in a sport and want to hit big, you’d agree that having a coach over time really helps you level up. It’s pretty much the same deal in business. Depending on what you’re looking to achieve, you’d have different ways of saying, “Hey, I’ve made it!” But, no matter what, you want to see a return on investment. When it comes to ActionCOACH franchise partners, they’re winning when their clients are. Growing their business, boosting profits, finding a better balance between work and life – that’s what their results are all about.

Of course, we can say at ActionCOACH our 200+ franchise partners are building coaching firms across the UK helping their clients to improve their businesses and the communities in which they serve but prospective franchisees and clients want to see the proof – why shouldn’t they? That means we must invest as a franchisor in ways to evidence and share our results as widely as possible. 

Independent verification from research agency WorkBuzz is conducted annually, collating client reviews of their work with Action Coaches. The findings, spanning various industry sectors across Britain, reveal even more astonishing statistics year on year – the last survey completed in 2022 showed a remarkable 98% of business owners acknowledged that ActionCOACH business coaching adds significant value to their lives.

The survey introduces the concept of Client Advocacy Score (CAS) index – a trustworthy indicator of customer satisfaction, client retention and the probability of referrals. Drawing a parallel to the Net Promoter Score (NPS), this essential metric is employed to measure the client’s overall satisfaction with the service, suggesting whether ActionCOACH’s current coaching benchmark will translate into fresh leads and enhanced revenue for the company. With globally recognised tech giant Apple garnering an NPS score of 72 last year, ActionCOACH demonstrates the importance of business coaching surpasses any materialistic worth. Last year, ActionCOACH earned a CAS of 79!

Indeed, at ActionCOACH, we have such faith in the results our coaches help our clients achieve, we offer a money-back guarantee. Currently one of only four elite franchises – ActionCOACH, TaxAssist, Right at Home and Puddle Ducks – who have been rated 5-Star for Franchisee Satisfaction every year from 2013 to 2022 leaving them with 50 stars and 50 reasons for a potential franchisee to invest, ActionCOACH also offer our franchise partners a guarantee to reach a minimum 6-figure annualised income by month 7 of launching their business coaching firm.

So, why do we take sharing our results so seriously and what should you be looking for in any franchise brand when it comes to deciding who to invest and grow a business with? Here’s why a franchise brand sharing their results openly is the pre-cursor to a fruitful partnership:

Trust and credibility: 

When a franchise brand can demonstrate its results, it helps to establish trust and credibility with prospective franchisees and customers. This evidence of success suggests the business model is effective and the franchise operates with a level of competence and professionalism. You should have access to independent research and be invited to speak to any franchisee in the network to determine how much you trust in this brand.

Recruitment of franchisees:

Prospective franchisees want to know their investment will have a good chance of succeeding. Proving results – whether it’s through unit performance, franchisee satisfaction or overall brand growth – can reassure you whether you are making a sound business decision. The more successful franchisees operating, the wider recognition the brand achieves, making attracting new clients just that little bit easier for everyone each time success is shared.

Customer attraction and retention: 

Customers want to know they can rely on a business to provide consistent quality and service. Demonstrated results can instil confidence in customers, making them more likely to choose the franchise brand over competitors and to continue using the business in the future. When you first start your franchise business in your local territory, you can market yourself on its national reputation before you create a reputation of your own.

Risk reduction: 

By showing proven results, a franchise brand can help to reduce your perceived risk associated with starting a franchise. If you are hesitant about the uncertainty involved in starting a business then take your time to delve into the results of a range of existing franchisees – ask the franchisor if you can speak to those considered performing below, at and above standard. In addition, banks and other financial institutions are more likely to lend money to franchisees of brands demonstrating strong performance and growth.

Benchmarking and improvement: 

Proven results can serve as benchmarks for franchisees, giving you targets to aim for and helping you to identify areas where you might need to improve. They can also enable the franchisor to identify best practices that can be shared across the network to drive overall performance.

If you want to build a business with an organisation that cares, make a difference in your local community and you’re the kind of person who:

A) loves learning and helping other people succeed;

B) has enjoyed success in your career or sport; and

C) is willing to invest if you see substantial rewards can be made…

then find out more about becoming an Action Coach by enquiring at

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