Summer camps and their role in repeat business

As parents put regular memberships on hold over the summer break, many education franchises will be trying to avoid declining income during the holidays.

Summer camps and their role in repeat business

As parents put regular memberships on hold over the summer break, many education franchises will be trying to avoid declining income during the holidays. However, summer camps present a game-changing solution. By organising enriching and fun-filled activities during the summer, these camps address the negative impact of the holidays on businesses and provide valuable educational experiences for children outside of regular school terms. Franchisees can maintain strong relationships with existing customers, which brings loyalty and repeat business. Moreover, they can tap into an additional income stream that bolsters their financial success. David Kim, the acting CEO of Code Ninjas, has witnessed first-hand how including summer camps within their franchise model opens up incredible revenue opportunities for franchisees worldwide. Here, he highlights the numerous benefits of investing in a franchise that incorporates summer camps that allow children to thrive while creating further avenues for growth for franchisees.

Summer camps offer an ideal solution for parents seeking engaging activities to keep their children occupied during the extended six-week break. They not only provide entertainment and fun but also create valuable opportunities for personal and professional development. As an education franchise, summer camps serve as a platform to showcase your expertise, innovative teaching approaches and distinctive curriculum. By implementing these immersive and stimulating camps, they leave a lasting and positive impression on parents as you instil trust and confidence in your services as they witness first-hand the quality and commitment to their children’s learning.

As the summer draws to a close, the transformative power of summer camps becomes strikingly evident once the school year recommences. These camps not only provide an enriching experience for students but also serve as an effective marketing tool for education franchises. By showcasing your year-round services throughout the summer, you establish a profound trust in parents, ultimately leading to an increase in enrolments in the new school term. As parents see your commitment to providing consistent academic support, their confidence in your ability to nurture their children’s educational journey skyrockets.

By strategically establishing your franchise’s reputation through summer camps, they can evolve into significant additional revenue sources. Through administering participation fees, you can efficiently offset any potential loss of revenue resulting from regular membership pauses, ensuring a steady financial flow throughout the year. Furthermore, if these camps gain popularity and attendance, they have the potential to transform into a lucrative standalone venture. This transition not only amplifies profitability but also expands your franchise’s reach and influence, establishing a unique position in the market. With careful planning and execution, these summer camps can serve as the catalyst for exponential growth and financial success for your franchise.

The additional income generated from summer camps presents valuable opportunities for you to reinvest in the growth and development of your franchise. You can direct these funds towards expanding your business’ reach, improving facilities or investing in new territories. By reinvesting in these areas, you enhance your reputation and solidify your position as a leading provider of high-quality educational experiences. Additionally, the success of summer camps goes beyond immediate financial sustainability. By capitalising on the demand for engaging and educational summer activities, you demonstrate your ability to meet the evolving needs of parents and students. This, therefore, attracts more customers, creating a positive cycle of growth and expansion.

Summer camps also provide a valuable opportunity for you to gather feedback from parents, children and staff. By actively seeking input and monitoring the camp experience, you can gain beneficial insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your programmes. Parents and children who feel heard and valued are more likely to become loyal customers and advocate for your brand within your community. By leveraging the insights gained from the camp experience, you can consistently enhance their programme quality and ensure that you stay relevant and effective in meeting the evolving needs of your students.

In the past, summer camps had more of a one-size-fits-all approach. At Code Ninjas, we wanted to change that. As a result, we have built camps with a wide range of outcomes and skill requirements throughout the school holidays. Through hands-on education, each camp presents unique activities that allow our Ninjas – the name we give our students – to develop new skills and have a great time with friends. As a franchisee, this means you will create an environment that fosters curiosity, growth and endless enjoyment, forging connections with a range of Ninjas who will eagerly return for more exciting experiences.

David Kim
David Kim