Community spirit meets pet-loving care

Since launching in 2001, Petpals franchisees across the country have been dedicated to supporting not just local pets, but their communities as well

Community spirit meets pet-loving care

Community involvement is crucial for franchisees, as the trust and support from their communities fuels their success. It is only fitting that they leverage this success to give back in various ways that extend beyond their core business. Since launching in 2001, Petpals franchisees across the country have been dedicated to supporting not just local pets, but their communities as well. 

The latest initiative in this tradition is a new partnership between Petpals Darlington & Yarm and Darlington College’s carpentry and joinery students. Here, Director of Petpals, Kevin Thackrah, talks to David Gray, the owner of Petpals Darlington & Yarm, and discusses how Petpals, being a community-based franchise, has made the brand successful today.

By engaging in local initiatives, franchisees can build stronger relationships with community members, fostering a sense of loyalty and mutual respect. This engagement might take many forms, from sponsoring local events and supporting educational programmes to partnering with local charities and offering services that benefit the community at large.

The recent collaboration between Petpals Darlington & Yarm and Darlington College is a testament to the tangible results of community involvement. A team of students from the college has designed and built equipment for one of Petpals Darlington & Yarm’s secure fields. Their creative and practical designs promise to enhance the play and training experience for the dogs under Petpals’ care, demonstrating the direct impact of community involvement on the services provided by Petpals.

“Our clients have always enjoyed the peace of mind that comes with using our private and secure fields. Now, with the addition of the new equipment built with the help of Darlington College, the experience will be even better,” explained David. “The students have shown incredible creativity and dedication. Their contributions will make a significant difference in the lives of the dogs we care for, and we are proud to support their education and professional growth.”

David continued, “We’ve always believed in giving back to the community that has supported us for so many years. Building meaningful connections and actively participating in the betterment of our community are at the heart of everything we do.”

Community involvement is a cornerstone of the Petpals philosophy. By encouraging young people to engage in hands-on projects like this, we are not only providing them with valuable real-life experience but also offering them an inside look into the pet-care sector and the franchising industry as a whole. Who knows, we might inspire some students to join our industry or even become part of the Petpals family later down the line! David, like so many of our franchisees, has consistently leveraged the success of his franchise, which launched in 2006, to contribute to the people of Darlington in ways that extend beyond pet care.

From organising muddy dog runs to making charity donations and even having members of our head office run for pet-centric charities at the London Marathon, we are dedicated to making a positive impact in our communities. Partnering with Darlington College is just the latest addition to a legacy of initiatives we have spearheaded for over 20 years.

As a community-focused franchise, Petpals must give back to the areas we serve. Projects like this highlight what Petpals is truly about – making a meaningful difference through teamwork and care. We choose our franchisees for their genuine commitment to supporting their local area. Owning a franchise means serving your community, whether in your neighbourhood or within a specific industry sector. Franchisees like David excel in supporting their communities and genuinely embody the values we uphold.

By continually investing in their communities, franchisees not only reinforce their brand’s reputation but also contribute to the area’s social and economic vitality. This holistic approach to business ensures that success is shared, sustainable and deeply rooted in community values. Ultimately, we know that when it comes to community care, Petpals franchisees are the pick of the litter!

Kevin Thackrah
Kevin Thackrah