Six ways writing a book can help your franchise

Lots of people wonder whether writing a book will help their business grow or not.

Six ways writing a book can help your franchise

The answer is a definite “yes” writing a book is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert, increase your brand’s visibility, and help your business grow. Let me explain in detail.


Writing a good book is not only a great opportunity to showcase all your years of experience and expertise, but also to establish credibility in your field. See, readers are constantly looking for things to learn within their niche, and when you add value to their lives, that’s the easiest way to build a connection with them and establish credibility.

A reader picks up a book expecting a longer form of content. They’re already invested in the topic that you want to talk about, so it’s your job to utilise this opportunity and prove your knowledge and expertise.

Becoming a published author also has something magical about it. You may even already be an expert and a thought leader before publishing your first book, but after publication, you may find yourself becoming sought-after on a global scale.

Public Relations

Writing a book is a great public relations opportunity for your business. Not only is the news media hungry for fresh, interesting content, but book launches are of particular interest to them.

When you pitch the publication of your book as a story, you will land interviews, mentions and other coverage. Find a journalist who works in your niche and write an amazing personalised pitch, explaining how your book will be of interest to their readers and what problems it solves.

You can then use that valuable press attention to establish yourself as an expert in your field and receive even more press opportunities. Taking advantage of all that will benefit your franchise in amazing ways.

Visibility & Brand Image

Writing an authoritative book has enormous benefits for your visibility and brand image. Most notably, you will see many more people becoming interested in doing business with you.

Since a book can provide a great value to consumers, that can help bring them to your brand. Make sure your work is tailored to their needs and interests and that you utilise it as part of your marketing strategy.

You also want to promote your book as much as possible. There’s no sense writing something if there’s no one out there who reads it.

If you implement all of the above, you will increase your credibility and expand your market reach, and see your franchise grow faster than ever before.


A book is an asset that will potentially outlive you and your work. When you take your time to create something truly amazing, your knowledge and expertise can really add value to people’s lives and build a legacy that spans generations to come.

Writing a good book is also an opportunity to create a timeless classic, something that can live on and contribute to the world for years to come.

Imagine creating a handbook on how you run your franchise. When your employees and franchisees read it, it can help them increase their expertise and better navigate the business world. That will impact their life in a meaningful way and help you leave a lasting mark on the world.


You’ve put in the work, you know your field inside and out. Now it’s time to capitalise on that and use your knowledge to showcase your expertise and experience and establish your authority.

Writing a book means you’ve got value to share. People will respond to that and will be excited to meet you. After publishing your work, you will see your audience and business opportunities increase, and you will feel a clear “before” and “after”.

So, do your research, put in the hours, and create something amazing that will connect with the reader in a meaningful way and be of value to them.

That will establish your authority more than anything else.


Everyone who’s written a book will tell you it has helped them to generate more leads and close more deals. Not only will you see more prospects, but also their quality will increase. That’s because writing adds value first and allows for building a more personal connection with the reader.

They know your methods and what you are all about, and thus it becomes easier to convert because your readers are already open to the process.

By sharing your knowledge and expertise, you also build a loyal group of consumers who will gravitate towards you and your business. That means you will have people who will want to know more and who’ll invest in being part of your brand.


By now, I hope I’ve convinced you how writing a book can have a major impact on your franchise. However, writing is lots of hard work too. It requires lots of thinking and evaluating ideas so that you can put years’ worth of experience in just a few pages. But if you put in the hours and then market your book properly, I promise you, you will find it’s an effort well worth it.

Rune Sovndahl
Rune Sovndahl