Summer is positive for franchising

Summer is a great time for franchising. Normally one of the largest franchise exhibitions has taken place at the beginning of it - this year it is Olympia.

Summer is positive for franchising

It is also the time when people begin to take their holidays, whether it’s early to avoid the summer price increases or when your children and grandchildren are off from school.

Whatever the reason for a break it is a good time to reflect on your career and whether it is time for a change. If you feel stuck in a career you might like to consider franchising. It is not without risk as you still have to work hard but it really is down to you, your staff, should you need any and a good franchise to choose from. If you are thinking of buying a franchise look at those which are members of the British Franchise Association (bfa), as they have had to pass some stringent criteria to join, often having to adapt the structure of the business to achieve membership.

The summer brings a vibrant and lively energy, franchising can infuse new life into an individual. Franchising allows a brand to expand and grow by partnering with enthusiastic and motivated franchisees who bring their own energy and passion to the business. Some have even brought their ideas – you can not ignore the fact that the Big Mac was the brainchild of a franchisee.

Summer is also associated with growth and abundance, as plants flourish and nature thrives. Similarly, franchising can enable a business to expand rapidly by granting franchises to entrepreneurs who establish new locations or territories. This growth allows the brand to reach new markets and customers – in turn growing the franchise network and benefitting all those that are part of it.

It can also be a time when people experience a sense of freedom and independence. In franchising, franchisees enjoy a level of autonomy and independence while still benefiting from the established brand, systems, training and support provided by the franchisor. Franchising allows individuals to be their own boss and run their own business while leveraging the experience and resources of the franchisor.

It is also a time when people come together, socialise, and enjoy various activities. Similarly, franchising encourages collaboration and networking between franchisees and the franchisor. Franchisees can learn from each other, share best practices, and collaborate on marketing initiatives or joint ventures, creating a sense of community within the franchise system. One of the key events franchisors run is an annual conference, which helps to facilitate this.

To help with your franchise selection, speak to some of the existing network and ask the all important question, ‘Would you still but the business today’? If the answer is no – be wary but ask why to see if it a plausible response. For example, ‘no – I’m too old and am nearing retirement’ or ill-health related but not due to the franchise.

Summer is a season that is all too fleeting and has a limited duration. Similarly, franchising opportunities may be popular and therefore have a specific window for purchase. Franchise systems will also have stringent criteria for selecting new franchisees, making it important in some cases to seize the opportunity within a certain timeframe. However, to caveat that anyone should take as much time as they need, any franchise that rushes you in to a decision is one to be very wary of. As is one that offers a discount by purchasing now – they might need the cash to survive, so always check their financial position.
With the typical summer weather in the UK, an adjustment or adaptation of activities to suit the climate may be required. Similarly, franchising requires adaptability and flexibility to respond to market changes, consumer demands, and evolving business landscapes. Successful franchisors and franchisees are agile and willing to adapt their strategies to stay relevant and meet customer needs.

These and many more things you will need to consider as you relax in the garden, house if it’s raining, laze on a deck chair or sunbed, climb the 3 peaks or on a long walk. However, if you are planning a career change franchising might just be the summer cocktail you need.

Have a fantastic summer!

Mark Scott
Mark Scott