Securing the best point of view

Security cameras are particularly important in the franchised retail and restaurant industries. A correctly placed camera system can protect employees and customers while reducing theft and internal losses.

Securing the best point of view

At DTiQ we often work with existing CCTV systems using our remote surveillance software and data analysis mapped to the POS to help franchise firms manage costs, optimise revenue and drive operational excellence.  However, if cameras are installed in the wrong place they are simply not worth their investment!

Franchised restaurants, shops, and stores can all be high-traffic, fast-paced environments. A security camera system offers a range of benefits that can improve business operations, including: 

  • Deterring crime: Simply, the physical presence of security cameras can discourage individuals from shoplifting or burglary.
  • Apprehending criminals: If a theft does occur, security camera footage can help law enforcement identify and apprehend a suspect.
  • Optimizing layout: Surveillance footage can help you understand how customers move through your store or restaurant so that you can improve traffic flow, minimize wait times, and enhance your existing displays.
  • Improving staff engagement: Intelligent video systems can also help you evaluate how staff members are serving and engaging customers. AI-powered insights can identify areas for improvement and additional training.

Optimal security camera placement

The best placement of security cameras can vary depending on your business’ size, location, and layout. There are a few locations, however, where security cameras are recommended, including: 

  • Exterior doors: You should have security cameras at any entrances and exits to your store or restaurant.
  • Points of sale: Whether you have a cash register staffed by an employee, a self-checkout terminal, or a drive-thru window, you’ll want security cameras anywhere transactions take place
  • Loading dock or back entrance: You should have a camera placed at the location where vendors and suppliers drop off deliveries.
  • Parking lot: If your business has a dedicated parking area, you should have exterior cameras to capture foot and vehicle traffic in the lot.
  • Employee-only areas: Security cameras can also be helpful in employee break rooms or storage areas.

Security camera best practices

A comprehensive loss prevention strategy should include a high-quality, reliable security camera system. Keep these recommendations in mind when choosing your camera placements:

Select appropriate lighting

Placing a camera too close to a bright light can prevent it from capturing high-quality images. It’s best to place lighting higher than a security camera. Light floods the camera’s recording range without directly shining into the camera lens. 

Be sure to minimize excessive backlighting, as well. If you have motion-detecting floodlights, make sure they’re not too close to a security camera, as they may wash out images and make it more difficult to identify bad actors. 

Choose the appropriate height

Security cameras are often mounted on a business’s interior or exterior walls. Many security experts recommend mounting cameras at the height of eight to ten feet off the ground. This range allows the camera to capture detailed recordings while being high enough off the ground that thieves are less likely to tamper with it. 

Consider Camera Location

The type of camera you use and where it’s mounted often depends on its location. For example, consider a camera with a wide-angle lens if you want to monitor a large car park. 

When evaluating the best placement for outdoor security cameras, you’ll also want to factor in protection from the elements. Choose a waterproof camera and mount it in a protected area if possible, such as underneath an overhang.

Opt for professional installation

A top-of-the-line security camera is a waste if it isn’t installed properly. Choose a reputable security expert to perform installation and testing to ensure your camera is correctly positioned and mounted.

With security camera systems correctly placed, franchise owners can better protect their employees and their bottom line, while reporting and data analysis ensures we can help them secure a better point of view.

Gareth Bakewell
Gareth Bakewell