Flying the flag for our industry

Operating ethically and responsibly is a crucial factor in ensuring the success and reputation of a franchise. It not only boosts morale within the franchise network but also fosters trust within the wider community.

Flying the flag for our industry

Advocating for pets and the industry should be an integral part of every operational process for a pet-care franchise, a commitment that should be reflected in all decisions made by the brand, ranging from recruitment and training to the actual care provided to pets in people’s homes. Petpals, the longest-established multi-service pet-care franchise in the UK, places the welfare of pets as a top priority in the £6.7 billion industry1. By striving to maintain the highest standards of pet care across the industry, Petpals has built a trusted reputation for itself. Here, Director Kevin Thackrah emphasises the significance of being a responsible player in your industry and highlights some of the ways to achieve a trusted reputation.

A franchise’s reputation is not only influenced by its own actions but also by the actions of other businesses in the industry. Therefore, taking responsibility for advocating for the needs of the industry and supporting ethical practices can improve the entire industry’s reputation. At Petpals, we provide the best possible pet-care standards through rigorous training and recruitment processes and carefully vetting franchisees to guarantee they share our brand’s values. By enlisting real pet lovers, we are reinforcing our franchise’s dedication to animal welfare and furthering our mission of providing the highest standards of ethical pet care.

When you recruit individuals who demonstrate a true passion for animal welfare, it goes without saying that their commitment will go beyond the day-to-day operations of their business. When franchisees’ dedication extends beyond the franchise network and shows support for external initiatives that promote responsible practices in the industry, from supporting their local community through charity giving, volunteering and participating in local events that further the brand and industry’s cause, it bolsters the franchise’s commitment to these principles.

By actively supporting your local community, you can cultivate goodwill, nurture relationships, and demonstrate a dedication to social responsibility. Within our network, we take pride in supporting the areas we serve, extending beyond providing excellent pet services to our furry friends. An increasing number of Petpals business owners recognise the significance of community support, participating in charitable initiatives that raise funds and awareness for causes that matter most to them and their communities. With a strong commitment to our communities, franchisees champion our community-oriented approach, contributing to the development of a robust brand reputation and ensuring long-term success.

Besides addressing the needs of your network, actively responding to and tackling challenges within your sector demonstrates your support and utilises the influence of your brand and network for positive impact. Engaging in external initiatives fosters connections with influential voices in your industry and nurtures a sense of community and unity within your sector. For Petpals, we reinforced our dedication to the pet-care industry by partnering with other prominent pet-care franchises to establish the Pet Care Franchise Association (PCFA), a new regulatory body. Assuming responsibility to intervene in industry-wide issues establishes your brand as a devoted and steadfast leader.

In addition to the support you provide within your industry as a whole, ensuring your franchisees are supported within your own network is also vital. As a franchisee, they are not only representing your brand, but they are also representing your industry. A sustained positive reputation depends on the provision of a tried and tested business model by the franchisor. Failing to establish this model not only places individuals at risk of struggling with the business’s demands but also jeopardises the overall standard and quality of the franchise offering. At Petpals, our duty as a pet-care franchise to educate pet owners about the benefits of responsible pet ownership, advocate for animal welfare and build a sense of community among pet owners is present in every part of our franchise model. 

1 Statista, 2021: Pet care market value in the United Kingdom

Kevin Thackrah
Kevin Thackrah