Top tips for surviving the summer season

Rebecca Newenham, a seasoned entrepreneur and franchise consultant, share her advice on how to ensure your franchise thrives in the busy summer season

Top tips for surviving the summer season

What do the summer holidays mean for your franchise? If you work in hospitality, you may be gearing up for your busiest few weeks of the year. If you’re a working parent, juggling work and the six-week (or longer!) summer holiday period might be keeping you awake at night. Whatever your challenges, having a plan in place can ensure you and your business can make the most of the summer months.

You might be looking forward to long, lazy days relaxing on the beach in the sunshine. However, as a franchisor or a franchisee, it can feel like work never stops. You can’t simply walk away or put your out-of-office on like other people can. But it’s still vital to take a break. Here are some top tips to make the dream of a relaxing holiday or spending quality time with the kids a reality:

Plan ahead

It is never too late to plan, even if the holidays have already started. Sit down and think about the next six to seven weeks. Look at what work you have coming up and when you will likely be on holiday or short of resources. What is critical, and what can wait until September? Be tough on yourself to ensure you prioritise the right areas.

Consider if any orders, events or meetings can be rescheduled. Identify pinch points where business requirements may not match availability levels and define appropriate action plans. Evaluate the critical list. Identify which you can do yourself and those you will need support from elsewhere to deliver.

Block time out of your calendar 

Everyone needs time off to rest and recharge. You could argue it’s even more critical if you’re an entrepreneur. You need to be at your best to make your business a success. Taking a break allows you to spend time away from your company, with family or friends. You will return with renewed energy and enthusiasm to reach your goal and drive your business forward. A while ago, I went down to a four-day working week, and it was my best decision. I genuinely feel I am more productive on the days I am working, as I’ve got that balance of time for me, too.  

Communicate clearly with your clients, colleagues and franchisees 

Give plenty of notice about when you plan to take time off or if you’ll be working reduced hours over the summer period. Be proactive by providing other communication or support methods so clients or colleagues know when and how to reach you.

Talk to your customers. They may understand the ‘summer squeeze’ and be prepared to wait or work with you to address only urgent requirements. People get frustrated when situations are forced upon them with no warning or when they feel they don’t know what is happening. Be open and honest about any potential issues so you can work together positively.

Outsource to keep business on track

The last thing you want is that perfect new client or franchisee to get in touch as you’re relaxing on a beach and you can’t pick up. Outsourcing can ensure that emails and calls are answered, projects are kept on track, and social media posts keep flowing while you’re taking a well-earned break. 

It might feel hard to put your business in someone else’s hands. However, outsourcing can be highly effective and allow you to switch off, knowing an expert is looking after your business. Services may be more affordable than you think and don’t always tie you into long-term contracts. Find the right solution to enable you to put customer service first and maintain standards for your clients or your franchisees – whilst taking the break you need.

After a cold and rainy Spring, we are all hoping the sun shines this summer. Following these tips can ensure you get to make the most of the sunshine and start September ready to ace the final few months of the year.

Rebecca Newenham
Rebecca Newenham