A new year with a clear mission and focus on inclusivity

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's to appreciate the here and the now.

A new year with a clear mission and focus on inclusivity

A New Year’s resolution doesn’t just have to be a personal goal. There are opportunities for growth in every part of life, which Justin Nihiser, CEO of Code Ninjas, a coding franchise for kids, certainly believes rings true in business. To align with Code Ninjas’ mission statement, ‘a world where kids write the code,’ Code Ninjas has set its own New Year’s resolutions. These will not only streamline and evolve the brand, but will also help kids all over the world enjoy their time growing up and finding out who they are as individuals after nearly two years of being stuck inside.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to appreciate the here and the now. Life can be incredibly unpredictable, which is why it’s imperative to enjoy the day and not plan so far ahead that you lose sight of what’s in front of you. We want this vision to resonate across our international operations, from the way the business runs, to the delivery of our coding sessions. Code Ninjas isn’t just about setting kids up for their futures with regard to the skills we teach, but it’s also about inspiring their confidence and allowing them to simply have fun in a safe environment as they grow.

One of the main goals for Code Ninjas is to continue inspiring kids to be creative through technology. Developing STEM skills and academics in children is something we’re proud to contribute to, and it’s a bonus to the overall experience. Code Ninjas helps kids to express themselves and explore their passions through mediums that are vital to their lives and their future. And creativity isn’t just for the arts. A recent study says that in the 21st century, successful learning must involve collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.1

This focus on the present and creative learning will help the global Code Ninjas team focus on our Ninjas and allow us to nurture what they’re passionate about. This adapted and refreshed approach to Code Ninjas aligns with what today’s educators are encouraged to employ in their teaching methods – giving kids the creative freedom to express themselves through an inspiring and useful medium.

Not only is our goal to see positive outcomes for our Ninjas’ development, but in 2022 and moving forward, Code Ninjas is also placing more of a focus on gender inclusivity in the industry. Even with the tech industry expanding at such an incredibly fast rate, women in leadership roles still fall behind. According to a recent report by Tech Nation, less than a quarter of all British tech firms are run by women, at 22%.2

We believe showing children that the roles that contribute to a tech brand’s success don’t follow binary rules. Code Ninjas’ rapidly expanding network and increasing demand has created multiple new leadership positions, which are now occupied by passionate, qualified professionals. 

From a franchise development perspective, we are incredibly excited to be moving into the new year. If 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that, regardless of extenuating circumstances, the demand for our services has never been higher. But it’s not a reason to take our foot off the pedal! “Onto bigger things” is always our primary goal, and we are delighted to be taking our incredible network with us as we continue to expand and become available to more children around the globe. 

The future is yet to be seen for what children’s services will look like as we continue to adapt to situations out of our control. But we see this as an exciting opportunity to take control of ourselves, and to rebuild our own image as we grow through encouraging inclusivity, creativity and nurturing those who work in our network and attend sessions at Code Ninjas. If there has ever been a time to commit to your own New Year’s resolutions and truly make a difference to your lives and those of others, it’s now. 

Justin Nihiser is the CEO of Code Ninjas, a coding franchise for kids. At locations across the UK, Canada and the US, kids learn to code in a fun, safe and inspiring learning environment. With a game-based curriculum, kids love to learn, and parents clearly see results. For more information, visit codeninjasfranchise.co.uk

Justin Nihiser
Justin Nihiser