Paving the way for franchisee success

Launching a new business can be daunting, even for the most determined entrepreneurs. For those entering the world of franchising, the learning curve is substantially reduced when the franchisor has established a proven system

Paving the way for franchisee success

New franchisees can confidently begin their journey, knowing the path has been paved with the best practices, strategies and expertise developed over years of experience; laying a solid foundation that ensures they start on the right foot and have a head start towards profitability. Here, Director of Petpals Kevin Thackrah highlights the importance of aligning with a franchise that provides comprehensive support from the outset and speaks to one franchisee who has felt its benefits since launching his Petpals business just six months ago.

With an estimated 62% of all UK households now owning a pet*, this rapid increase in pet ownership has led to soaring demand for pet-care services, creating exciting opportunities for prospective franchisees looking to enter the dynamic pet-care sector. James Callow, who launched his pet-care business in Crawley earlier this year, is one franchisee who has witnessed this substantial demand since embarking on his journey with Petpals.

James’ early success reflects the more than 150 Petpals locations spread across the UK, all of which are seizing the opportunity to meet the growing demand for pet services – achievements that have been significantly bolstered by the presence of a dedicated team of experts at our Petpals’ head office. “It’s great to have industry leading support so I can deliver the best pet care possible,” said James. “I knew by teaming up with the best, I could deliver the quality of service the Crawley community deserves. Petpals’ comprehensive training package has a proven track record of success both with my business and among other franchisees in the network. I know I can count on them whenever I need guidance or assistance.”

Effective training and ongoing support are vital elements of a franchisor’s responsibility. New franchisees come from diverse backgrounds and skillsets, and it is the franchisor’s duty to bridge the gap, equipping them with the knowledge they need to run their business. A robust onboarding and training programme helps franchisees understand the brand culture, operating procedures and customer service standards. It also provides them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed and expand their business.

At Petpals, we offer all new franchisees an initial three months of fully funded business coaching to support them through the early stages of their business, with the opportunity to continue this as their business develops – an asset that James has found incredibly valuable. “When I first started, I knew I wanted a deeper understanding of business development,” James explained. “After engaging in some productive and in-depth sessions with business growth coach Jeff Williams from ActionCOACH, I now feel like I’m in control of my business and have a much clearer grasp of how to grow it.”

While the support provided undeniably played a role in James’ success during his first six months, it is important to acknowledge that James’ effort and dedication have produced the exceptional results he has seen so far. Since the launch of Petpals Crawley, he has invested considerable time and determination to ensure that his clients receive a top-tier service and their pets receive the highest quality of care. “Like any new business, you have to put the work in – which is a decision I’ve embraced wholeheartedly,” said James. “I see it as a privilege to be there for our four-legged friends. By doing so, I’m not only pursuing success in my business but also strengthening the bonds within our pet-loving community. With the increasing number of pet owners in the UK, the future for Petpals Crawley looks promising. I’ve already hired a new team member to ensure no pet is overlooked.”

Franchisors play a pivotal role in the success of new franchisees. By providing a well-established framework encompassing branding, operations, training, and more, franchisors empower new franchisees to embark on their entrepreneurial journey confidently and at a higher probability of success. James’ early success with Petpals Crawley showcases how a franchise that invests in its franchisees from the beginning and continues to support them throughout their business journey can lead to extraordinary results. At Petpals, we understand that a franchisee’s success is our success and we are committed to ensuring that every franchisee is equipped with the tools they need to flourish from day one.

* Pet Food Manufacturers Association’s Pet Population Report 2022

Kevin Thackrah
Kevin Thackrah