Paws-ing to reflect

In the journey towards success, it is crucial to pause and acknowledge the milestones achieved along the way.

Paws-ing to reflect

These milestones, whether big or small, signify significant advancements and serve as a testament to how far we have come. Recognising and celebrating these achievements is a fundamental aspect of any journey focused on progress.

It offers a tangible sense of accomplishment and progress while creating valuable opportunities for reflection and learning. As Petpals franchisees in Christchurch, Milton Keynes and Crawley reach their one-year anniversaries, Director Kevin Thackrah takes the opportunity to reflect and celebrate on their 12 months of success.

In the year since its launch, Petpals Christchurch – led by the incredible Robbie Brown and his loyal terrier sidekick Ted – has experienced remarkable growth and success. Starting from modest roots, his franchise has steadily grown its footprint – or rather, pawprint – in his local community. “I’m so proud to have provided premium pet-care services to the wonderful pets of Christchurch for over a year now,” said Robbie. “The bonds I’ve formed with both pets and their owners in my community are truly special. When I’m out on dog walks, people often bump into me and say, ‘You must have the best job in the world.’ And you know what? I couldn’t agree more!”

In the UK, where 57% of households own a pet*, the demand for our top-notch pet-care services is unwavering. Whether in Crawley, Milton Keynes, Christchurch, or any of our other Petpals locations nationwide, of which there are over 150, our services continue to be in high demand. “Since last January, the demand I’ve seen for my premium pet-care services has been incredible,” explained Robbie. “So much so that I’m thrilled to say my income has multiplied tenfold since my first month – all thanks to the amazing trust and support I’ve received from my community. There’s also been a growing interest in cat and small pet visits, with bookings already secured until December.”

Our franchisees hail from diverse backgrounds and, after a lengthy stint in the corporate world, Robbie’s first year at Petpals has been a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of the rat race he once knew. Embracing a different kind of ‘rat’ – the small, furry ones under his care – he has discovered a newfound sense of freedom. “There’s so much potential for the future, but at the moment, I’m genuinely content with the current state of my business, as it allows me the precious time to spend with my grandkids,” added Robbie. “Striking this balance between work and family is important to me, and the fact I can do so easily is a testament to the flexibility of the Petpals franchise model and the support you get from head office.

“The reassurance of having the backing of a well-established brand has been a game-changer for me in my first year. It’s made the journey far more comfortable and less daunting than if I had chosen to go it alone. Knowing I have the support and resources of the brand behind me has been instrumental in navigating the challenges and ensuring a successful start to my Petpals business.”

In just a year since starting at Petpals Crawley, James Callow has poured his heart and soul into creating an unparalleled experience for his clients and their furry friends. His relentless dedication earned him the prestigious title of Rising Star at this year’s Petpals conference, making it a year that exceeded all his expectations. Meanwhile, in Milton Keynes, Priyanka and Nilay Sanghrajka persist in delivering top-notch pet care in line with our brand’s sustainability ethos. Operating from their pet-friendly electric vehicle, they actively contribute to reducing their pawprint to benefit their business and the local community.

Whether it is a personal goal, completing a project or a significant company milestone, celebrating these achievements profoundly impacts motivation, morale and overall success. Franchisees in Christchurch, Crawley and Milton Keynes are accomplishing remarkable feats in their first year. At Petpals, we take pride in providing a pathway to business prosperity for these pet-loving entrepreneurs and celebrating their achievements. Their triumphs speak volumes about their genuine commitment to their communities, reflecting values that resonate with our brand. By raising a toast to these milestones, we embrace the journey ahead with renewed enthusiasm and determination.

* Statista: Share of households owning a pet in the UK from 2012 to 2023

Kevin Thackrah
Kevin Thackrah