Summer is shaping up!

Four weeks since we caught up with James, our Centre Manager at Signs Express (Twickenham & Battersea) and what a few weeks it's been!

Summer is shaping up!

“In my last entry, I talked about June looking promising following a great May performance and I’m delighted to say that not only was it promising, we in fact delivered our best ever month (again) and broke our own sales records! 

The team have been working flat out across both Twickenham and Battersea, the machines have been running on overtime, but it’s all worth it to see these kind of results, and it gives the team a well-deserved boost to see their efforts all worth it. I’m immensely proud of the work we’ve delivered, not only the quantity, but the quality and craftmanship that goes into everything, regardless of how much pressure we’re feeling under. 

As predicted, Battersea is also on the up, with really positive sales for June and lots in the pipeline, the sales trajectory is definitely heading in the right direction and after settling into a new office recently and building up our online presence, we feel in a really good place. 

With our customer base and geographical location expanding, understanding the jobs that work for us is essential. At the moment we’re working on a very steady stream of our regular work, with large project work in between. The hoardings project we mentioned last month for The London Borough of Hounslow Council has now been completed and looks phenomenal. This was a huge scale project spanning 170m in length and we’ve been delighted to see such a positive reaction from our client. 

It’s not however just the large projects that catch our attention, one of our favourite recent projects includes a gold leaf graphics installation for a local jewellery store which allowed us to utilise our creative skills to create an awesome finish. We’ve also been lucky enough to contribute to the recent Wimbledon championships which involved some last-minute refurbishments of some iconic signage.”

Outside of installations, production, designing and quoting, we asked James what other areas have been a focus over the past few weeks? “Social media for us has gone crazy over the past few weeks. We like to ensure we face this with a personalised approach to create relationships, connect with others and encourage engagement, and it’s great to see this translate into enquiries. Needless to say, we’ll be continuing to focus our efforts here.”

July is looking positive and we’re hoping to beat our targets again to make it a hattrick of record months!  We’ve got a busy workbook planned including a great project that’s about to start for a large local business park with a range of totems amongst many others. Hopefully in my next entry we’ll have more positive news!”

What’s Next?

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James Coetzer
James Coetzer