39 Dream Doors franchisees top £100k in a month this year

More than 20 showroom now on target for annual sales of £1M+

39 Dream Doors franchisees top £100k in a month this year

Dream Doors franchisees from Barnstaple to Beverley and from Poole to Prestwick have all sold in excess of £100,000 in a single month this year. In fact, a total of 39 Dream Doors franchisees have had at least one £100,000+ month this year. There are several branches that do so every month, and some that have gone well beyond that marker. 

Top of the table in January was Dream Doors’ Wakefield branch, selling £167,535 in the first month of the year. With back-to-back wins in February and March it was Dream Doors Worcester who, despite having agreed the sale of their business to one of their existing contractors, achieved £186,664 and £157,088 respectively. 

Current franchisees of the year, Debbie & David McLeod from Dream Doors North Glasgow led the pack in April, with sales of £160,261. Then, in May, Simon Herbert from Gloucester blew everyone away with a monthly turnover of £202,104. That said, Dream Doors Stoke weren’t far behind with a whopping £189,967, taking them to over £600,000 in their first five months of the year.

Director of franchise recruitment for Dream Doors, Alex Waite, said: “Considering average annual turnover for our franchisees was just over £500,000 before the pandemic, for almost half the network to achieve £100,000 in a month this year is pretty staggering. 

“To be honest, though, it has become the norm for many – as has an annual turnover of £1M+. Last year 16 Dream Doors franchisees topped £1M in sales through the year, and as it stands right now, more than 20 will achieve that in 2024.”

“There are several reasons why our franchisees are achieving greater turnover and, as a result, significantly higher profits,” Waite adds. “The world’s been through some tough times recently – and it still is, of course. Almost all of that is out of our control, though, so we need to get on and control what we can. That means delivering the best support for our franchise owners to help them maximise the opportunity in their respective territories.” 

Much of this support is centred on marketing to drive customer enquiries, as well as training to help franchisees make the most of those enquiries. But it isn’t just a top-down approach from the company, but instead draws on the experience of its wider network to share best practice through peer-to-peer workshops. Funded by Dream Doors, these are run on a monthly basis, but are an open forum for franchisees to share ideas and experiences.

Croydon-based franchisee, Luke Limbach, said: “These workshops are an invaluable opportunity to learn from fellow franchisees. I came away feeling driven and with a list of ideas to implement in my business.”

Another recent initiative Dream Doors has launched is its Learning & Development programme; a series of bespoke training videos and supporting resources. Each video covers an important aspect of the business model, delivered in short, easy to follow clips, with a brief exam to ensure the team member has absorbed the module. 

Waite explains that, while a considerable investment, the benefits to the brand’s franchisees far outweighs this: “Hundreds of work hours and tens-of-thousand-of-pounds have been ploughed into this game changing asset for our franchisees,” he says. “With almost 1,000 people earning a living through Dream Doors now, it’s important we give them the support they need in their respective roles which, in turn, ensures we maintain our reputation for providing a premium service. Continued learning and development is key to this.”

Established in 1999, Dream Doors has grown to become the UK’s #1 kitchen makeover company and is now part of Neighbourly, the world’s largest parent company of homes services brands. It is also an Established member of the British Franchise Association. Dream Doors has almost 100 showrooms now open with just 20 new territories remaining and a handful of existing businesses for sale. The company holds a 9.7 out of ten rating on independent review website Checkatrade, based on over 24,000 reviews.

This article comes courtesy of Dream Doors, the UK’s #1 kitchen makeover company. Find out more about how to become a Dream Doors franchisee here.

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