A massage for consumers in Scotland

The Massage Company extends their business empire beyond Hadrian's Wall.

A massage for consumers in Scotland

The Massage Company extends their business empire beyond Hadrian’s Wall.

Surrey-based The Massage Company are expanding north of the border, with the launching of 10 new sites in Scotland. From their headquarters in Camberley, The Massage Company recently announced this exciting development which will generate around 300 new jobs.

To help them achieve this momentous milestone, the company has gone into partnership with Franchise&, with all 10 centres set to open during the next three years. The Massage Company opened their first outlet in March 2016, having been founded by entrepreneurs Charlie Thompson and Elliot Walker.

The businessmen were keen to create an accessible and affordable service for members of the public to enjoy on a regular basis. Charlie Thompson explains: “We wanted to make ‘massage’ a weekly or monthly occurrence, not something that was simply viewed as a once-in-a-blue-moon experience.

“Massage is important for our mental health, circulation, mobility, sleep, sense of wellbeing and much, much more. Thanks to our subscription model, these professional services will help consumers receive these amazing benefits time and time again.

“Thanks to The Massage Company, the experiences we offer are not highly-priced treats that are merely available to a few select people. We are inclusive not exclusive. With the UK facing a mental health and insomnia crisis, people are actively seeking therapies to feel better, stronger and more relaxed. And through our monthly subscription model, people can now easily make massage a regular part of their self-care routine.”

New partners Franchise& are well known within the industry, having also linked-up with German Doner Kebab and Heavenly Desserts. Glasgow-based Franchise& use their expertise in marketing, psychology, law and business modelling, to help launch new franchises across the globe, while turning these same businesses into household names.

The Massage Company view themselves as being ‘the future of the high street’, and has witnessed a steady rise in users since the first centre was unveiled in Camberley six years ago.

Those wishing to take the plunge and become new business partners can chose from two franchise models – either a hands-on owner-operator, or a hands-off owner-investor. Either way, they will change lives in their local communities while growing a sustainable business. In addition to Camberley, The Massage Company have outlets in High Wycombe, Putney, Sutton Coldfield and Tunbridge Wells.

With regards to the exciting news about Scotland, Charlie Thompson added: “It’s brilliant to have the opportunity to bring our subscription massage to a new region. We know what a positive impact massage can have. 

“Health and wellbeing are incredibly important for everyone and massage is most effective when used regularly. Our subscription model allows our members to maintain their routine and feel the benefits every day.”

Andy Swales
Andy Swales