A partnership made in donut heaven

Fast-growing American donut brand signs major franchise deal with one of Asia’s most successful businessmen.

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As one of the world’s fastest-growing sweet treat franchises, Duck Donuts, known for its warm, delicious and made-to-order donuts, appear to have found the perfect business partner in Edilberto Bravo. Edilberto, who made his name and fortune as a lawyer and entrepreneur, is one of the most famous businessmen in the Philippines.

Among his many accomplishments are co-founding the printer sales and distribution U-BIX Corporation back in the 1970s and, more recently, launching Bravo Best Foods. And it is through Bravo Best Foods that Edilberto has purchased the license to grow the Duck Donuts brand in the Philippines. 

With regards to Duck Donuts, the company is just beginning to build its presence in the United Kingdom, following its significant growth in the United States. They are also growing internationally too. 

In total, Duck Donuts has 140 shops in 25 American states, along with restaurants in Puerto Rico, Canada, Curacao, Egypt, Pakistan, Qatar and Thailand. Starting out 18 years ago, the company’s headquarters are in Mechanicsburg, which is a small settlement in Pennsylvania, around 75 miles west of Philadelphia.

The first Duck Donuts locations were established on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and in 2013, opened their first franchise in Williamsburg, Virginia, after which the Duck Donuts story really gathers pace. 

The company’s chief executive officer, Betsy Hamm, believes Duck Donuts will continue to grow across the world. She said: “Everyone loves warm, delicious donuts . And the fact that we’re able to deliver this popular product makes me confident that it will do well as we further sprinkle happiness throughout international communities.

“We have been growing internationally for several years, primarily in the Middle East. And as that growth has occurred, it has really helped our brand awareness around the globe.” And it was during the company’s recent store opening in Thailand that Betsy met Edilberto Bravo.

Subsequent meetings eventually led to Bravo holding the master franchise in the Philippines, with the experienced businessman keen to open 25 stores throughout the country. The first two outlets are expected to be unveiled by the end of the year.

Hamm said of Bravo: “We were able to meet and talk about what growth could look like in the Philippines. Building a brand is hard, especially when you’re doing it 4,000 miles away. That’s why it’s so important that we partner with the right franchisees who have the resources and know the market.

That’s what makes Edilberto a great candidate. He has such vast experience in business. He understands the importance of having the right structure and a good team in place. He has an aggressive plan and has the right people around him.”

As for expanding his business empire by signing a huge deal with Duck Donuts, Bravo explained:  “I saw the potential when I first heard about the company. It is the only donut chain capable of selling bespoke donuts in the country. It is a unique experience in itself. More than selling donuts, it offers the experience of eating a donut completely customized by our guests.

“One of the reasons why I signed above the dotted line is that they offer their franchisees a seamless transfer of knowledge. Duck Donuts is not only committed to delighting customers with its products and services; but they also prioritise community engagement and giving back to customers and team members.”

With no end in sight, both home and abroad, Duck Donuts is keen to continue their expansion in many more areas around the globe – such as the U.K.

In addition to having a typical brick-and-mortar high-street presence in cities and towns across the U.S. and other parts of the world, they also sell their tasty products from mobile outlets. These food trucks can be experienced in shopping malls and airports.

The ideal locations for business success are in areas where there is high foot traffic, strong visibility and a large concentration of office buildings. 

For international opportunities with Duck Donuts, please contact: Marcel Portmann: [email protected].

This article comes courtesy of Duck Donuts whose daily mission is to ‘delight our guests by treating them like family’ and ‘deliver smiles and warm, delicious and made-to-order donuts created just the way you like it’.

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