A success story about the birds and the bees… and pests

A PGH Beegone Franchise is all about the birds and beesu2026 and pests.

A success story about the birds and the bees… and pests

A PGH Beegone Franchise is all about the birds and bees… and pests. It’s a special business opportunity with an ‘environmentally friendly’ and ‘humane where possible’ ethos. It also promises to solve pest problems others can’t.

PGH Pest Control and Prevention was started by Peter Higgs in 2008, during a recession with the help of the Prince’s Trust. A short while later upon seeing a gap in the market and a need to save honeybees, Peter Higgs created the Beegone, live honeybee removal brand which focusses on removing honeybee colonies from chimneys, walls, roofs and other structures before rehoming them in beekeeper’s hives.

In the past few years PGH Pest Control and Beegone has seen much opportunity in bird control and prevention with many environmentally friendly and humane solutions available fitting the brand perfectly.

With his love for the environment and passion for pest control and live bee removal, Peter wanted others to experience his success and franchised his business PGH Beegone at the end of 2020. David Hasler bought the first franchise (PGH Beegone Bury-St-Edmunds) in early 2021, having previously worked as a refrigerated courier for the past 13 years earning £30k a year. Within six weeks, Dave had put down a deposit and he began his training in April. By the end of July, Dave had earnt more in three months than he had in the last two years!

Locky Deeming from Birmingham has since launched PGH Beegone Solihull Redditch, which is a vast change from his previous experience as a chef. Early this year Glen, previously a farrier, and his wife Cathy started PGH Beegone Crawley. Finally Matt from Bath and Bristol and Mark from Essex have seen the possibilities of this opportunity.

There is so much potential in the pest control industry, which as a whole generates revenues of £572m and is currently growing at an annual rate of 12.1% with further growth predicted over the next five years. 

A pest control and prevention and live honeybee removal business is pandemic and recession proof, as PGH Beegone has experienced. Pest controllers were classified as key-workers during the covid period, in the interest of public health.

This article comes courtesy of PGH Beegone. If you would like to know more about taking on a PGH Beegone franchise please click here.

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