Agency Express diversify their service portfolio

Award winning, van-based franchise Agency Express has announced a strategic partnership with The Key Safe Company, the UK's leading experts in lock box solutions.

Agency Express diversify their service portfolio

Award winning, van-based franchise Agency Express has announced a strategic partnership with The Key Safe Company, the UK’s leading experts in lock box solutions. 

Established in 1998, Agency Express was founded for the sole purpose of providing professional, daily ‘For Sale’ board services to property industry experts. Over two decades on, Agency Express and their unfaltering business model have remained market leaders within their arena. Their network has grown to 117 franchisees strong, covering both the UK and Ireland. 

As veterans within the property service industry, Agency Express and their network of franchisees have been able to carefully align themselves with a select group of complementary B2C businesses.  Diversifying their service offering with post installation signage for shutter and window companies to name a few. 

While each partnership offers franchisees an additional source of revenue, none have been as harmonious as The Key Safe Company. Both Agency Express and The Key Safe Company are held in the highest regard for their commitments to excellent customer service and the businesses benefit from large cross over in customer base. 

The partnership began with installations in Newcastle, Bath and Chelmsford  which quickly rolled out across the rest of the country. 

Marcus Taylor, Deputy Chief Executive Officer at The Key Safe Company shared his thoughts on the partnership: 

As the UK’s leading secure access experts, we cover a wide range of sectors from private households and community care, through to businesses, holiday homes and HMO’s. With more than 2 million people putting their trust in our key safes, and as Europe’s first ISO-approved key safe company, it was imperative for us to find a partner who could match our commitment to high standards and reliability. Our partnership with Agency Express has given us access to a network of professionals  and a support system in which we can depend on. Each franchisee is given specialist training on products such as our C500 Pro Police Preferred KeySafe™, so from installation and code setting, to best practice Agency Express franchisees are equipped to represent The Key Safe Company with the level of expertise required.

Naomi Eaton Agency Express Marketing Manager added: 

Within the Agency Express business model there are several revenue streams which deviate from our primary service offering, the majority being seasonal signage or post installation signage. Finding other businesses that complement ours is great for organic growth. Our recent partnership with the The Key Safe Company not only offers our franchisees an additional revenue stream on a steady basis, but it also enables them to diversify their offering to their estate agency clients at no extra cost to their business.

Steve Hilton Agency Express (Croydon) said:

As a franchise owner of three busy territories, I am always looking at ways we can enhance our service and increase the output in each area. Installing lock boxes for the The Key Safe Company has certainly supplemented my business nicely. The partnership has been seamless, from training to receiving our first 20 insulations. We couldn’t be happier.  

To date, the partnership between Agency Express and The Key Safe Company has been a great success, with almost 600 key safes installed across 100 franchise territories.  Further plans are also set in place to strengthen their partnership across the UK property market.

Latifa Yedroudj
Latifa Yedroudj