Bright & Beautiful Celebrates significant growth in the cleaning Industry

Last week, Bright & Beautiful, a leading name in the housekeeping industry, hosted a spectacular celebration for their 80-strong franchisees during their annual reunion conference.

Bright & Beautiful Celebrates significant growth in the cleaning Industry

The event, held in Birmingham, was a testament to the remarkable achievements and dedication of the brand’s franchise network.

The festivities included awards ceremonies, inspirational speakers, engaging workshops, and a heartfelt recognition of the collective accomplishments that have propelled Bright & Beautiful to new heights.

Among the highlights of the event were the awards presented to Franchisees who exceeded monthly milestone targets, with special recognition for those surpassing £50k of revenue a month. These awards showcased the dedication and hard work of the franchise network, setting new records and surpassing expectations year after year.

The event featured inspirational speakers who captivated the audience with their stories of resilience, teamwork, and achievement. Penny Haslan, an award-winning motivational speaker, shared insights into making yourself a bit famous in your local community, overcoming challenges and staying motivated. Brendan Hall, known for his incredible journey as a skipper during an epic 40,000 Mile, 11 Month Ocean Race Around The Planet, inspired with tales of teamwork and perseverance. Bonita Norris, the youngest woman to summit Mount Everest, shared her extraordinary experience of endurance, leaving the audience inspired and motivated, and David Fishwick, the visionary behind Bank of Dave spoke of his commitment to supporting the local community and his embodiment of the ethos of ‘giving back’ was hugely inspirational for these individual businesses working within the heart of their communities.

Recognizing individual excellence, Bright & Beautiful presented awards to exceptional Franchisees.  Delpreet Shergill of Bright & Beautiful Henley in Arden was honoured as the Franchisee of the Year for achieving remarkable growth of 31% year on year, expanding to larger premises, increasing team numbers, investing in branded vehicles, and providing continuous support to fellow Franchisees. Helen Jennings from Bright & Beautiful Huddersfield received the Rising Star award for her outstanding performance, following of the model and becoming a brand ambassador. Jayne Tonkin of Bright & Beautiful Portsmouth received the Business Transformation award, having successfully developed a fledgling business into a thriving venture with thirteen staff members and a significant increase in turnover within just 12 months. Additionally, a Portsmouth Team Leader earned the prestigious Housekeeper of the Year Award, a notable accomplishment considering Bright & Beautiful’s employment of over twelve hundred housekeepers nationwide. Julie Dunne of Bright & Beautiful Enfield was commended for delivering exceptional customer service, with her business highly esteemed in the local community, forming strong partnerships, and operating with total dedication to customers, a huge contribution to the collective success of the brand’s reputation. 

Jo Vorwerg, Managing Director of Bright & Beautiful UK, expressed pride in the collective achievements of the franchise network, emphasizing the values and principles that drive the iconic pink brand forward.

Neville Wearne, a Bright & Beautiful Franchise owner in Rugby, shared his enthusiasm for the event, stating, “It was very motivating and encouraging to see the potential of what can be achieved if you stick to the model. All the presentations were fantastic, and the motivational speakers were spectacular. They really added value to our lives personally and in business.”

The reunion concluded with a grand gala dinner with food, wine, live music, and dancing into the early hours.  The event marked a reaffirmation of the values and principles that drive Bright & Beautiful forward as a franchise community. A reminder that when they come together with a shared purpose and a commitment to supporting one another, there’s no limit to what they will achieve.

Looking ahead to 2024, the prospects are undeniably bright for Bright & Beautiful. With franchisees working harder than ever and supporting each other’s growth, they are on track for yet another record-breaking year. 

To find out more about becoming part of this supportive, and vibrant Franchise network – click here!

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