Building a strong community: how inclusivity boosts franchisee success

Creating an inclusive environment for franchisees isn’t just about fulfilling a social responsibility for the franchisor

Building a strong community: how inclusivity boosts franchisee success

Creating an inclusive environment for franchisees isn’t just about fulfilling a social responsibility for the franchisor; it’s a strategic business decision that can positively impact innovation, adaptability and the brand’s long-term health. In doing so, the franchisor creates a platform that promotes collaboration where franchisees feel valued and can come together effectively to bring about a sustained level of success.

Here, Kristen Horler, Head of Sales at Snap Fitness, shares her insights into the importance of building an inclusive environment for franchisees. She explains what Snap Fitness does to ensure a close-knit, collaborative franchise network and shares what franchisees have to say about the close working relationships Snap Fitness has established for them.

Why is it important to build an inclusive environment for franchisees?

As successful franchises continue to grow, they welcome new franchisees into their network. Often, these individuals are new to the specific industry, making it imperative for franchisors to be dedicated to creating a supportive and engaged franchisee community. 

The establishment of a network where collaboration among franchisees and not just with the franchisor, is actively encouraged is crucial to success. Facilitating a system where franchisees regularly communicate to share insights, strategies and best practices can significantly improve performance across the brand. 

Moreover, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the internal community enhances motivation, engagement and mutual accountability among franchisees, ultimately contributing to longer-term prosperity and advancement of the brand. 

What does Snap Fitness do to foster a strong franchise community?

At Snap Fitness, we have extensive industry knowledge and experience, with a focus on trends, innovation and best practices. However, we know we need to ensure we’re listening to our franchisees challenges and sharing successes to build a stronger brand. To instil this sense of open communication, here are four initiatives that we engage in: 

  1. Franchise advisory council – representatives are elected to the UK Franchise Advisory Council. They meet quarterly on a formal basis and communicate consistently throughout the year. The leadership team shares plans for alignment so franchisees can put questions to us to influence what we take forward.
  2. Network consensus – any developments that require a vote must receive over 70% buy-in from franchisees before they are adopted.
  3. Regular correspondence – annual conventions and monthly webinars allow franchisees to share experiences, successes and challenges. They provide opportunities for learning and improvement.
  4. In-person training and events – regular summits and roadshows are held where best practices are shared and a platform for feedback is provided. These events serve as opportunities for in-person networking and relationship building, fostering a network of contacts that can be relied upon for advice outside of one’s immediate team.

Snap Fitness believes that these commitments promote open communication, inclusive decision-making and a sense of belonging among franchisees. They empower the network to actively contribute to growth and success, resulting in a stronger, more supportive community. 

What do Snap Fitness franchisees say?

Actioning ways to create an inclusive environment for our franchisees is necessary for any franchise system, but what is more important is what the franchisees do themselves.

For John Prior, owner of Snap Fitness Addlestone, being open and honest is the first step towards strengthening bonds in the franchisee community. “Having an environment where people feel comfortable and confident encourages people to connect and collaborate. 

“I think Snap Fitness’ ‘One Team’ culture is super important for this. Remembering we all have the same goals is key and helps to cement relationships between existing franchisees. Snap Fitness also gives us the platform to meet up regularly, which only adds to the close-knit family feel.”

Known across the network for his passion in supporting fellow members of the team, John, is always on hand to offer his advice. “We have franchisee group chats, and if someone raises an issue, I think it’s important to be the first to reach out and lend a helping hand. 

“If you make people feel valued and part of a wider community, they are more likely to trust in the brand. That solid foundation and belief in Snap Fitness’ processes and principles will put you on the road to success. Say, for example, a fellow franchisee doesn’t have significant experience in the industry – they need to feel confident to take the initiative and reach out to those who have the answers they’re looking for. I think this can only benefit their business in the long term, but it also makes you feel part of something bigger, a Snap Fitness family. 

“I take real positives out of being involved in such a supportive network. We have a great culture, and I love everything Snap Fitness stands for.”

People like John play a pivotal role in the success of our network. It’s worth highlighting that John’s support hasn’t gone unnoticed. When he launched his Addlestone club, numerous franchisees from around the country made a point to visit him to wish him well. This goes a long way in demonstrating that our relationship extends beyond business and lives up to our value of a trusting, family first, ‘One Team’ environment.

While offering a platform is essential, it only goes so far. Having individuals with the readiness to support and learn from each other is what truly reinforces our model and helps them in growing their businesses. 

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Latifa Yedroudj
Latifa Yedroudj