Chock Shop are making a name for themselves at events across the country

If you’re interested in owning a franchise business, and perhaps have a sweet tooth as well, then please read on. This could be the moment you’ve been waiting for …

Chock Shop are making a name for themselves at events across the country

If you are someone who frequently attends food festivals, markets and live shows around the UK, you will probably recognise the name Chock Shop. This brand are continuing to develop a reputation for creating superb chocolate brownies and are making a name for themselves at events across the country.

They also have a few permanent shops too and only recently launched into south-east Scotland, Norfolk and Devon. And this is where you come in, with Chock Shop’s managing director Greg Shearman keen to attract new franchisees to the business.

Greg explains: “We primarily sell at festivals, events, street food markets etc. You’ll see us at music events, sports fixtures, horse championships and many seasonal occasions.

“We are an artisan chocolate brownie company. We specialise in creating delicious taste experiences through our range of extravagant brownies. We sell them on their own, with hot chocolate sauce and fresh cream. Crunchy peanut butter, sticky toffee and rocky road are some of the favourites among our younger fans.

“The older grown-ups seem to indulge in our Belgian Callebaut white chocolate brownies. We also cook brownies laced with butter cream liquors, such as Baileys or Welsh whiskey.”

But Greg is keen to point out that the company is seeking new business partners in many UK regions. He added: “Anyone interested will receive full in-house training, ongoing support and the freedom to run their own business.

“Training covers everything from food safety, to sales, as well as how to interact with customers. At the start we’ll assist you in sourcing and booking stalls at events – and there are many such occasions taking place throughout the year. In time you’ll learn the tricks of the trade and be able to book your own events.

“You will need a vehicle – preferably a medium-sized van – although it is feasible to attend events with a large car and/or trailer. You may need to rent a van but there are some good deals around.”

Greg confirmed that would-be franchisees will need to have a cool room where they can store their products: “Somewhere clean and tidy to put their brownies.”

As for that all-important investment, he added: “We usually suggest people have a minimum of £3,000 to get themselves’ rolling. And this is a business opportunity designed to attract people from all walks of life, with options to suit your lifestyle needs.”

Those who sign up will need to understand that events are predominantly held at weekends. However, he did point out: “But if you like music festivals and food events anyway, the whole buzz of these occasions will inspire.

“You should be able to maintain your regular job too – if that’s what you want. Chock Shop will help you flourish, it all depends how much effort you are willing to put in.”

Some details about Chock Shop and their franchises:

  • Uses Belgian chocolate and many other fine ingredients;
  • Chock Shop brownies are handmade, hand-designed, hand-cut and baked ready for sale;
  • Events tend to have a captive audience and those franchisees who follow the company’s prescribed systems stand to make a profit quickly;
  • Chock Shop operates in local regions, meaning franchisees can build up a loyal customer base in their territories;
  • Training and support to help you get the business off the ground;
  • Full rights to use the Chock Shop brand within the selected and exclusive territory;
  • On-site support to help you get the business launched in your area;
  • Initial supply of equipment and marketing materials. Head office will guide new franchisees through the complexities of local marketing;
  • Business partners will receive a copy of the company’s comprehensive franchise operations manual;
  • Five-year franchise agreements with a right to renew at the end of the term;
  • The company is based in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales.
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