Choosing a franchise which really cares

Finding the right home care franchise for you can be challenging. Here’s some expert advice on choosing one which balances a great business opportunity with a model that can really deliver when it matters

Choosing a franchise which really cares

There’s no doubt that care is a very attractive industry to start a business in. With the UK’s elderly population growing year on year, and more and more people looking for ways to stay at home as their care needs change, there’s never been greater demand for high quality care at home.

Due to the complexities involved in delivering care, and the sometime onerous requirements of gaining the essential CQC accreditation, investing in a franchise remains by far one of the best ways to launch your own care business. However, the number of care franchises has boomed in recent years, and the array of choice out there can be overwhelming for both care veterans and newcomers alike.

So, how exactly do you go about choosing a care franchise which can give you, and your future service users, everything they need? Here are some key questions you should ask about any franchise before taking the next step:

Do they have relevant care or medical experience on their team?

A strong franchise needs to have people on its leadership team with proven business experience but, in this sector, relevant experience in medical and non-medical care is absolutely essential. Not only will an expert team help you create a framework for the highest possible quality of care, but also guarantee you all the advice and guidance you need. Look for a franchisor who has a broad spectrum of expertise you can call upon. 

Do they have a reputation for quality?

Check out customer reviews online, and look for testimonials and satisfaction scores on 3rd party websites such as Have they been singled out for any awards at a national level? What about individual offices? If so, this is a great sign that they really do understand what’s required to deliver high-quality care. Maybe they’ve gained some franchise awards and accolades, too?

Are they consistently strong right across their network?

Take a look at reviews and regulator ratings (i.e. CQC in England) or all their existing franchisees, not just their national office. There will always be some that are stronger than others, but a good, consistent standard overall is a great sign that the franchise has strong systems in place which can be used to help everyone succeed. 

Are they open and transparent about how they work?

Does the franchise have a very clear way of sharing information about the opportunity with you, and are they happy to answer any questions you have? If a franchise is a strong one, they’ll be proud of what they do and want to share that with you, right down to performance figures and earning potential. If it feels like they are not telling you everything, you are probably right! 

What kind of ongoing support will they offer?

One of the biggest advantages of franchising is that you might be your own boss, but you’re never going it alone. This is especially important in the challenging world of care. A strong care franchise will continue to be there for you anytime you need help or guidance long after your training and launch, and will always go out of its way to help your new business grow and develop. Not just in terms of quality and compliance, but also in terms of helping you market your business, offering constructive advice, and having regular contact. 

What kind of recruitment processes do they have? 

A good care franchise knows that success both as a business and as a care provider comes down to recruiting the right kind of franchisees, not just recruiting as many franchisees as possible. They should be just as interested in learning if you are right for them as you are in learning if they are the right opportunity for you. So, if a franchise is constantly giving you the “hard sell” or putting you under pressure, it could be a sign that their business model is not as sustainable and ethical as it might be. 

Do they have high ethical & professional standards?

Of course, it goes without saying that a strong ethical code in care is absolutely essential, but what about as a franchise? Being a member of independent franchise bodies like the British Franchise Association (bfa) is an excellent sign. This is a voluntary accreditation scheme, but one with quite strict criteria. Part of this is how they treat their franchisees, but another very important factor is proving they have the financial stability and infrastructure necessary to operate as a franchise. Visiting the bfa website is a great place to learn more, and you will also be able to check if the franchise you are interested in is listed there. 

How to take the next steps

There’s a lot to think about here, we realise! This list is by no means exhaustive, and there may be plenty of other factors you should think about before committing to a franchise. After all, this will likely be a life changing decision, so we hope this advice will help you to ensure it is a positive one! 

This article comes courtesy of Radfield Home Care who are dedicated to providing the best home care services to people in their own homes. Find out more about how to become a Radfield Home Care franchisee here.

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