Come and ‘Talk Franchise’ with Home Instead!

Home Instead UK has caught the podcast bug, launching its series, ‘Talk Franchise’

Come and ‘Talk Franchise’ with Home Instead!

A YouGov poll found that nearly three quarters of the UK are podcast listeners. With ‘The Diary of a CEO’ and ‘High Performance Podcast’ regularly topping the charts, it’s clear that people aren’t just turning to podcasts for celebrity interviews and health tips; it’s a vital resource for both established and aspiring business leaders.

Home Instead UK has caught the podcast bug, launching its series, ‘Talk Franchise’. Listeners get an insight into the business opportunity on offer for aspiring franchisees. Whether you’ve always been set on going down the franchise route, or know very little about franchising, Home Instead has all the information essential to stand people in excellent stead before they undergo their journey. Two episodes in, the podcast has got off to a flying start!

Becoming a franchisee means being part of the company’s network. You simply can’t join unless you’re onboard with the brand’s vision. This is what is covered in episode one, which looks at the Home Instead story. Starting life in the US back in 1994, the company revolutionised the home care sector by introducing relationship-led care. Given how successful it proved to be, it’s little surprise that the brand came over to the UK in 2005. Thanks to a network of dedicated franchisees who mirrored Home Instead’s values and aspirations for growth, the company became a market leader in the home care sector and continues to grow. Many franchisees have grown from owning one franchise to becoming multi-unit owners and running hugely profitable businesses.

The topic in episode two of the podcast covers the benefits of franchising versus going it alone. There are certain benefits of owning a franchise that you simply wouldn’t get from a start-up: an established brand, and support from a national office, to name a few. And even once you’ve seen the virtues of taking that route, there are many considerations to make when finding the franchise right for you. Episode two of the podcast series covers the questions you should ask a franchisor and what makes a strong and promising franchise opportunity.

Further episodes cover why home care makes a good franchise opportunity, what makes a good franchisee, the future of home care, and funding a franchise.

Hosted by Luke Spellman, Home Instead UK’s franchise development manager, the podcast sees Luke sit down with individuals from across the company with valuable insight into the world of franchising. Martin Jones MBE, CEO, is a guest in episode one. He shares his family’s experiences with care and his personal journey into the brand. In the 13 years he has been at Home Instead UK, the brand has grown significantly and much of that is down to the great relationship between national office and franchisees. Ruth Brown, COO is another guest on episode one, who shows her passion for offering quality care, having also had family experiences with care.  

The guests in future episodes include Pip Wilkinsons, CEO of the British Franchise Association, who works to strengthen the franchise sector in the UK. It’s a rare chance to hear why now is a better time than ever to buy a franchise, the different types that exist, and what factors you should consider before signing on the dotted line.

Luke says: “Joining an already-established brand and investing in a franchise is a big decision. In my role I see prospective franchisees keen to come onboard yet filled with countless questions. I thought it was time we bring all these questions together to give them a one-stop shop of all the information that they need. From the benefits of going into franchising, to how to fund it, our topics enable people to go about their venture prepared.

“I’m delighted to be joined by guests with their own experiences of supporting franchisees. Home Instead’s success over the years proves that the home care sector lends itself well to a franchise model, and we can’t wait to welcome more franchisees into the fold.”

You can watch the podcast on YouTube by clicking here. The podcast is also available on major audio platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Acast.

This article comes courtesy of Home Instead UK, the highest ranking home care home care company in the Elite Franchise 100, scoring a place at number three overall.

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