Darren Taylor Holdings acquires Wilkins Chimney Sweep

The leadership of the 123-year-old chimney-sweeping franchise will still remain part of the business after the deal

Darren Taylor Holdings acquires Wilkins Chimney Sweep

Peter and Louise Harris have sold Wilkins Chimney Sweep.

Photo credit: Wilkins Chimney Sweep

Few franchises can boast a history spanning more than 100 years but Wilkins Chimney Sweep is one of them. And now the chimney-sweeping franchise founded in 1895 has been ensured continued success for years to come: it has been bought by Darren Taylor Holdings, the franchisor that owns the tree-stump-grinding franchise Stumpbusters.

Having bought Wilkins Chimney Sweep in 1998, Peter Harris has been operating the business with his wife Louise since 2009 and, together, they chose to franchise the business in 2011. While Harris has chosen to retire, he will still help out as a technical consultant and his wife will remain as the company’s franchise manager.

And their franchisees couldn’t be in safer hands: not only is Darren Taylor the owner of StumpBusters but he started out as a franchisee himself. The unique insights from this experience will certainly serve him well as he takes over the operations of Wilkins Chimney Sweep.

Commenting on the acquisition, Taylor said: “Louise and Peter have created a strong foundation for Wilkins Chimney Sweep with some very impressive systems and technologies. I am really looking forward to working with the franchisees to build on the hard work that they have put in and to bringing on board new franchisees, who would also like to benefit from the dedication and commitment of their franchisors.”

With a former franchisee at the helm, we keep our fingers crossed that the new franchisor will help bring Wilkins Chimney Sweep into the future.

Eric Johansson
Eric Johansson