Franchise Development Services reveals Portugal and Brazil expansion plans

The UK-based franchise consultancy is set to open an office in Lisbon - and master franchisee Pedro Marques also has his eyes on a branch in Brazil

Franchise Development Services reveals Portugal and Brazil expansion plans

The service provided by franchise consultancies is nothing short of invaluable. These organisations play an integral part in supporting the sustained growth of franchises, ensuring that each and every one stands the greatest possible chance of success. It’s not surprising, therefore, that the services of such companies are sought after by franchises not only on these shores but overseas as well. And for Franchise Development Services (FDS), the Norwich-based consultancy founded in 1981, Portugal is the next country on its radar.”

The company has announced the awarding of master franchise rights to open a new office in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, with Pedro Marques identified as the man to head up its operations in the country. Marques, who has a background in business management with several international companies and an extensive knowledge of Portugal’s markets and economic climate, will be tasked with helping to export some of Portugal’s top franchises across Europe and bring international brands into the country.”

According to FDS, Portugal currently has more than 400 franchisors looking to expand their businesses abroad and the country is widely seen as an up-and-coming force on the European franchising scene.”

“Portugal has spent the last few years rebuilding its economic stability back to a level where new business can once again flourish, with new and existing innovative franchises leading the way,” said Marques.

“My goal is to showcase the potential that Portugal has to offer to international clients looking to establish a franchise in Portugal.”

And, while one would think Marques has enough on his plate launching FDS in Portugal, he has also started scouting out locations for an FDS office in Brazil.”

Roy Seaman, founder and chairman of FDS, said: “FDS are excited about establishing FDS Portugal since Marques has genuine enthusiasm and passion for developing franchises in Portugal and Brazil.”

“Both countries offer great potential for many businesses looking for new markets to for their brand. By simultaneously establishing FDS Portugal and FDS Brazil, we will provide a clear pathway for companies to engage with FDS for help with entering franchising on a global scale.””

Adam Pescod
Adam Pescod