Free workshops for primary school pupils

For one week during February, The Creation Station will be hosting free workshops with the aim of enhancing the mental wellbeing of the nation's children

Free workshops for primary school pupils

The Creation Station has decided there is ‘no better time than the present’, to support positive mental health among UK children. In response to the worrying statistics published recently by the NHS, which claims that one in six children – aged between five and 16 – is likely to have mental health concerns, The Creation Station has decided to ‘do their bit’ to try and alleviate this disturbing new trend.

Therefore, during next month’s ‘Children’s Mental Health Week,’ which runs between February 6th-12th, they are providing free creative workshops for primary school pupils across the UK. These sessions will be aimed at helping children build connections with other pupils, as well as creating new friendships and strengthening existing ones. Its purpose is to enhance their overall wellbeing and improve mental health.

Sarah Cressall, the founder and chief executive of The Creation Station, said: “There has never been a more important time to support children’s positive mental health, than right now. We know that by engaging in creative activities, it can enhance a child’s wellbeing. We are delighted to support schools and teachers with free creative workshops for their pupils.

“These workshops are being called ‘Let’s Connect,’ but there are a limited number of sessions available across the UK. So be certain to make your booking ASAP.” To apply for a free ‘Let’s Connect’ workshop, please email The Creation Station at [email protected].

And the Devon-based franchise has been endorsed by Dawn, who runs Creation Station sessions at Worsley School in Kent. She says: “Our children absolutely love these creative activities. They are very proud of their work and look forward to taking part in different activities.

“They really enjoyed showing their creations to the rest of the school during a recent assembly. It’s enthusiasm and fun, all the way, with The Creation Station.” For further information, regarding The Creation Station and their support for children’s development in schools, please visit or call the franchise’s central support office on 01395 239700.

About The Creation Station: Founded by Sarah Cressall in 2002, the franchise has inspired over 1.5 million children and adults with their award-winning arts and craft classes, parties and events. They offer creativity for all ages, with sessions delivered by skilled, caring and personable franchise owners who make a huge difference to children, families and communities all over the country. From its Woodbury headquarters in Devon, the business is spearheaded by Sarah and her three sons.

Andy Swales
Andy Swales