Fresh faces in franchising who are taking Britain by storm

With the arrival of 2019, we bring you the newest franchises that aim for excellance by going full steam ahead in their respective industries to grow their networks

Fresh faces in franchising who are taking Britain by storm

(1) Oltco”

When refurbishing a house,”one of the most important components to consider is the flooring. And the 15-year-old Cornwall-based resin flooring company, Oltco, has gone from strength to strength due to its priority on quality. This is why it stepped into franchising in 2018, looking to expand further. It signed its first franchisee in Blackpool and within a few months is already taking the territory by storm. Given the company’s reputation and clients include the likes of Wembley Stadium, the NHS, British Airways and John Lewis, Oltco has built a strong foundation for potential franchisees. Looking at this franchise’s plans, you shouldn’t be floored by its rapid success.

(2) Burger Singh

Indian food”isn’t just about curry and this franchise is here to prove so. Getting experimental in the kitchen by mixing two cultures can be challenging and sometimes a disastrous, especially if you blend the wrong flavours. But now, India-based franchise Burger Singh is here to disrupt archetypal burgers by infusing them with Indian spices. With the master franchisee having signed the dotted line in December 2018 and already seeing two pop-ups in London, the franchise is looking for a standalone store around the M25 to get more foodies to experience this new concept. Looking at the drool-worthy chicken and lamb burger options on the menu, we can be sure this franchisor isn’t winging it.

(3) Ninja Warrior UK”

Weekends for families”in the”UK just got more awesome with the addition of another adventure attraction. Innovation Leisure has been responsible for many indoor adventure places for adults and children with operations such as Kick Air, Paragon Creative, Futures Leisure and Total Ninja. By re-branding Total Ninja as Ninja Warrior UK, the company is expected to accelerate the growth of its family entertainment centre concept. As the franchise was a joint venture between Innovation Leisure and ITV, franchisees get ads worth £50,000 on the ITV channel. Following the first franchisee who recently launched a centre in Stoke-on-Trent in late 2018, a couple more are already in the pipeline. We can be sure this franchise is jumping to even more exciting times ahead.

(4) Everyman Barbers

There are no questions”you moustache this franchise because it doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts. UK-based Everyman Barbers is indeed a cut above the rest when it comes to franchising and expansion. Apart from giving every customer a good head, the franchisor is up to date by offering tech with its loyalty app. Admittedly, the franchise thrives on quality over quantity and prioritises customer experience. Hence it offers a beer or spirit to clients. With a considerable number of franchisees on its roster already, it’s increasingly looking for potential franchisees with a passion to excel. Since a good haircut can go a long way for every man, we’re sure this business is to dye for.

(5) Hitio Gym”

As important as”it might be to include gym time in our routines, it’s a task we’re all guilty of forgetting. However, this Norwegian franchise definitely has the chops to lure in customers with its eclectic classes. And it’s now packing a serious punch when it comes to expanding internationally. Having started in 1998, HITIO was launched as a taekwondo centre. The concept then evolved into a gym along with a sports offering. The franchise already has 32 clubs nationwide and is now looking to pump its strength in Britain as well as Europe. Based on how fitness franchises are making all kinds of gains, the industry looks like it will keep growing without breaking a sweat.

(6) Reis & Irvy’s”

What can be better”than a cup of”seasonal frozen yoghurt topped with fresh fruits? Getting them served through a robot kiosk in less than 60 seconds. This California-based franchise “is serving frozen yoghurt and ice cream through robot vending machines which can be installed in malls, airports, stadiums, universities and even museums. With more than 285 franchisees in the US, Canada and Australia already, it’s now entering Blighty and is actively looking for potential franchisees. With technology progressing like the speed of light, more franchises are embracing artificial intelligence in their operations and we’re sure more consumers will joyfully scream at the thought of being served a cup of frozen yoghurt through a Transformers-esque robot.

(7) SOLVED365

This franchise is definitely”scrubbing”up nicely when it comes to cleaning services. SOLVED365 has spun out of Total Solutions Group, the cleaning and restorations solutions company launched in 2014. It entered the franchise market in September 2018 and is actively looking for potential franchisees with the expertise and procedures to cater to both local and national regions. The franchisees will be providing commercial contract cleaning services. To do so, they’ll receive full support around HR, health and safety, marketing and will have a 24/7 helpline. Given cleaning will always remain a necessity, this is one franchise to keep in mind.

(8) Y Not?

Having a presentable physical appearanceis essential when making a good first impression. After all, it’s the first thing you notice in a person. Given how Italian textiles are second to none, this bel paese brand is blending luxury with a modern style at a bargain with its bags and accessories. The company recently decided to spread its wings internationally and offer franchise licences across the globe after it opened its first company-operated store in Solihull. While it’s a dream for many to own an Hermès Birkin bag, why not try some by Y Not for your next evening soiree?

Varsha Saraogi
Varsha Saraogi