Housekeeping franchise Bright & Beautiful cleans up with record £6m annual turnover

After hitting an annual £6m turnover, Bright & Beautiful looks to capitalise on the momentum by doubling the size of its workforce

Housekeeping franchise Bright & Beautiful cleans up with record £6m annual turnover

Photo credit: Emilie Sandy

While it’s understandable an entrepreneur may want to retain ownership of their business, the benefits of achieving growth through acquisition are not to be underestimated. Indeed, agreeing to a takeover led one franchise to record-breaking results.

Bright & Beautiful, the housekeeping franchise, has swept up a £6m annual turnover milestone with its 56 franchisee-strong network. Franchisees have been instrumental in hitting the landmark figure as they have individually scaled their operations on a local level and aspired to hit targets.

The franchise network turnover growth spurt of £1m comes after being acquired in April 2017 by Dwyer Group, the service-focused franchise parent company. Bright & Beautiful has since expanded with new revenue channels to push forward, offering clients options such as seasonal cleaning.”

With more success in mind, Bright & Beautiful looks to solidify its franchise network by forming 500 new housekeeper jobs by the start of next decade. It’s a move which will double its workforce to a figure over 1,000, as well as accompany its already widened support team and marketing department.

Commenting on the results, Sue Moore, president of Bright & Beautiful, said: “Our franchise network has already created in excess of 500 professional housekeeping jobs which offer either full time working arrangements or family friendly part time hours.

“Ethical employment has long been a vital component of our business; in an industry where zero hours contracts or self-employment can be the norm, our professional housekeepers benefit from holiday pay, full employment rights and progressive career opportunities. These are jobs that are not only helping women and men into work and serving our local communities but are also contributing significantly to our regional and national economy.”

On top of being named in our very own Elite Franchise Top 100, Bright & Beautiful’s new plans for scaling seem to have made the franchisor determined to throw away any competition.”

Angus Shaw
Angus Shaw