KFC step up campaign to rid UK streets of litter

American fast-food franchise pledges further support in its bid to clean up towns and cities across the country

KFC step up campaign to rid UK streets of litter

One year on from kicking off its highly publicised ‘Don’t be a tosser’ campaign, which was aimed at tackling the growing problem of litter being thrown onto our streets, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has stepped-up its commitment to the cause.

Once again, KFC will be partnering environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, to highlight this major UK issue. This year’s Great British Spring Clean is already underway to provide support for thousands of litter-pickers in their battle to deal with this anti-social behaviour.

During the Great British Spring Clean, approximately 3,000 KFC staff members will assist in collecting over 20,000 bags of litter. These men and women will be supported by community litter picking groups and local councillors.

Statistics have shown that £1bn is spent each year cleaning up our streets, as volunteers and local council workers face the difficult task of removing the 30 million tonnes of litter that is dropped annually.

According to a recent press release from KFC, the franchise ‘is urging litter-pickers across the country to apply to a voucher scheme being offered in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy. Vouchers can be exchanged for litter-picking equipment, and groups and individuals can apply via the Keep Britain Tidy website.’

Litter becomes a greater problem during the warmer months, when people spend more time outside of their homes. And the press release continued: ‘KFC has outlined a package of measures and commitments, which represent a joint-effort between businesses, communities and local authorities. They have come together to tackle the nation’s litter crisis.’

These initiatives include:

1) New bin trials: Specially designed recycling points to encourage KFC customers to recycle their drinks’ cups, liquids, paper, food and any other waste. This is being piloted in Manchester in partnership with Biffa. There are plans to roll this out near KFC restaurants across the UK.

2) Behaviour changing campaigns. By partnering with local councils, KFC will trial new ways to tackle littering. This will involve the publicising of local anti-littering marketing messages, along with the creation of new rubbish bins. KFC will continue with the slogan ‘Don’t Be A Tosser’, as well as using drive thru signage, in-restaurant audio and menu boards that encourage responsible behaviour regarding litter waste.

3) Daily litter picking. The workforce at KFC’s 1,000-plus UK restaurants will undertake the task of removing litter from streets close to their outlets.

4) KFC mailbox. This will encourage communities to directly report any litter issues close to KFC restaurants.

5) Training initiatives for KFC’s 28,000 team members: Aimed at furthering the knowledge of team members in their daily battle to reduce littering. Those who undertake these initiatives will learn more about the environmental impact caused by litter.

Jenny Packwood, KFC’s chief corporate affairs and sustainability officer, said: “Litter is an eyesore which we all hate to see in our communities. The work that local litter-picking groups are doing to improve their communities is incredible. And this is why we are now offering funding to these local heroes across the country.

“But we can’t just rely on the good will of local groups to keep our communities’ litter free. At KFC we take our responsibility to reduce the impact of litter very seriously. We are already investing in daily litter picks around our restaurants, as well as creating innovative new bins, while promoting new and existing anti-littering campaigns.

<p>“Tackling litter isn’t just a one-day pledge. We need to change our lifestyles and habits throughout the year. KFC is committed to playing its part and is calling on local councils and businesses to support community litter picking groups.”</p>
<p>Allison Ogden-Newton, who is chief executive of the charity Keep Britain Tidy, added: “We are delighted that KFC has joined forces with Keep Britain Tidy for another year. Thanks to the Great British Spring Clean, we are witnessing the benefits of reducing littler on UK streets. It is making a practical and tangible difference to our communities.</p>
<p>“KFC is keen to find new ways of tackling the problems of litter and this brand-new voucher scheme, which involves the exchanging of vouchers for litter-picking equipment, will boost our various clean-up campaigns.</p>
<p>“We work closely with volunteer groups and individuals who have welcomed this new scheme. This partnership with KFC clearly demonstrates what can be achieved when businesses engage with – and listen to – those who care about litter.”</p>
<p><strong>About KFC:</strong></p>
<p>In 1952, Colonel Harland Sanders opened the first KFC restaurant in Utah. Today, there are approximately 1,000 KFC restaurants across Britain and Ireland alone. The company claim they use chickens which have been reared to strict welfare standards and in 2019 KFC signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment, which is a set of six criteria designed to improve the lives of all chickens within the KFC supply chain by 2026. KFC has also pledged to remove 20% of calories, per serving, by 2025.</p>
<p>There are currently 30,000 people employed by KFC which was the first restaurant to launch an honours degree. And since the launch of the KFC Foundation in 2015, it has paid out grants totalling £5m to charity partners who are passionate about developing and nurturing young people across the UK.</p>
<p>For those who want to get in touch with KFC’s litter mailbox, to share issues and queries relating to litter around their restaurants, please contact: <a href=litter@kfc.co.uk

Andy Swales
Andy Swales